Wolves in Government Clothing


“Nature is indifferent. Mankind is not. That sets mankind apart from the natural world where the circle of life is directed by circumstance and instinct.

I grew up in Montana. It’s called “The Last Best Place”. If you’ve been there you know why. It’s a state that’s been settled but still personifies open spaces and wilderness.

Wilderness has a wild side I can relate to, but I also have a deep appreciation for the opposite of wilderness — civilization. Most of the lower 48 states are settled areas. Here civilization has replaced wilderness.

Not all animals are compatible with civilization. California, where I currently live, has a grizzly bear on the state flag, but there are no grizzly bears in the state. There is no way to mix this aggressive predator with populated areas. The grizzly bear is not unique in its inability to mix well with civilization.


Years ago when I was in Yellowstone Park I was approached by several people asking me to sign a petition to bring wolves into the park. I refused. I knew what that would mean to wildlife and livestock. It happened anyway through the Endangered Species Act, and the results were exactly what most Montanans anticipated. Livestock destroyed. Wildlife ravaged by a ruthless predator.

But wolves are a popular attraction to those who don’t live with them on a daily basis. Yellowstone Park visitors from far off cities now can enjoy the experience of roadside wolf sightings and chances to take pictures of this mystic creature. Few of them know the real story about this animal.

Recently I heard about kid cages at school bus stops in New Mexico designed to protect school children from wolves. Insanity had finally trumped any common sense with the Federal government’s artificial introduction of a “non-essential experimental wolf population” in New Mexico and Arizona. This story embodies the true nature of environmental extremism where the interests of wild animals are more important than those of real people.

I traveled to states impacted by misguided government programs that force wolves into settled areas, to hear from the victims of both predators from the wild, and from government agencies.”


The federal government tried to introduce wolves into populated areas (where they don’t belong) and have lost control of the population–all on the taxpayers’ dime.

When: Tuesday November 19, 2013

Where: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, 1550 Court Place Denver CO

Time: 3:00 PM

Panel disussions immediately follow featuring:

Fimmaker and AFP-California State Director David Spady;

Denver Attorney Kent Holsinger, who specializes in ESA-related litigation;

Former Colorado Department of Natural Resources Director Greg Walcher, author of the recently-released “Smoking Them Out: The Theft of the Environment and How to Take It Back”;

Kelly Sloan, energy and environmental issues fellow at the Centennial Institute;


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