Buyers Remorse for some Democrats on Obamacare

In 2010, every single Senate Democrat voted for Obamacare. In light of Obamacare’s disastrous rollout, many Democrats up for re-election are asking the Administration to delay the enrollment period for the exchanges. The fact that this request is illegal is being ignored.

Now one endangered Democrat who signed that letter is going one step further – so people really can keep their plan if they like it:

Sen. Mary Landrieu said Wednesday she would propose legislation to ensure all Americans could keep their existing insurance coverage under Obamacare, a fresh sign of the political problems the law’s rollout has created for congressional Democrats.

Landrieu, a Democrat who faces a tough reelection in Louisiana in 2014, said she would either offer her own bill or formally sign onto another measure that would ensure that the law would not force anyone off of their existing health policies.

“The promise was made, and it should be kept,” Landrieu said in the Capitol Wednesday. “And it was our understanding when we voted for that bill that people when they have insurance could keep with what they had. So I’m going to be working on that fix.”

The Senator’s colleague, Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, just introduced the If You Got It You Can Keep It Act in the Senate.

How bad are things for Democrats when it comes to Obamacare? Allahpundit says we’re on our way to full recanting of votes:

That boldfaced bit is the closest I’ve seen any Democrat come to recanting their vote. We’re not at that point yet but give it a few months, as the rate shock spreads and insurers start sweating over adverse selection problems driven by the website’s malfunction.

The question remains, of course, as to whether Landrieu’s forthcoming bill would actually get through the Senate – the Democratic leadership has been pretty solidly against any changes coming through that chamber in recent months. (Unless it’s to help their union allies, that is.) Furthermore, what level of bewilderment would there be for insurers and their clients if non-grandfathered plans are suddenly acceptable after preparations have been made for the opposite?

As the 2014 election gets closer, one thing is clear: buyer’s remorse isn’t only happening with current and former Hill staffers. It’s also hitting politicians who have spent almost four years ignoring public will.
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As With All Progressive Statist Boondoggles, It’s only the Good Intentions that Matter, No Matter How Harmful the Consequences



America needs to dismantle the gigantic collectivist infrastructure of the Progressives’ “good intentions” (Obamacare, Common Core, the entire permanent ruling class, Agenda 21, 2nd Amendment violations, welfare state, illegal immigration, etc.).



Kathleen Sibelius: “ has never crashed.” “A lot of people aren’t web savvy.”

Remove the Statist Permanent Political Class Completely

They squander ever more vast amounts of our tax money, and still leave trillions of dollars of national debt to be paid by our children and grandchildren. They intrude into our private lives with ever more restrictions, red tape and electronic surveillance. And they turn different groups of Americans against each other with class warfare rhetoric and policies.

None of this is inevitable. In fact, this pattern is largely the culmination of political trends set in motion during the 1930s, and reaching a climax today. During the 1920s, the national debt was reduced and the role of government scaled back. Unemployment went as low as 1.8 percent.

President Calvin Coolidge, with every prospect of being reelected in 1928, declared simply: “I do not choose to run.” Later, in his memoirs, he explained how dangerous it is to have anyone remain too long in the White House, surrounded by flattery and insulated from reality. What a contrast that attitude is with the attitude of the current occupant of the White House!

The contrast extends beyond these two presidents. What we have today that we did not have in the early history of this country is a permanent political class in Washington — a Congress and an ever growing federal bureaucracy composed of people who have become a permanent ruling class.

The United States was not founded by career politicians but by people who took time out from their regular professions to serve during a crucial time in the creation of a new nation, and a new kind of nation in a world ruled by kings and emperors.

For the Sake of Liberty Obamacare Needs to Fail Dramatically

On Sunday, George Will said what more Republicans and conservatives should be stating loud and clear: we want Obamacare to fail.

Why do we want it to fail? Again, Will states it excellently:

Of course I want Obamacare to fail, because if it doesn’t fail, it will just further entangle American society with a government that is not up to this. For one hundred years now, the narrative of progressivism —from Woodrow Wilson on – has been, progress will come, if, but only if, we concentrate more and more power in Washington, and more and more power in Washington power in the executive branch, and more and more executive branch power in the hands of experts – disinterested experts – such as those who designed

In the fight for a better health care system, it is important fiscal conservatives articulately and clearly state what we will fight for, not just against. We will fight for better health care, for fewer government “experts” that interferes with the doctor-patient relationship and raises costs, and for a health care system designed with the people in mind, not special interests and bureaucrats.

What would such a system look like? It could include an equitable tax system, trading insurance across state lines, tort reform, and no market-distorting subsidies. It would delegate many of Medicare’s responsibilities to the states, and have oversight of Medicare and Medicaid to significantly lower costs. It would again put America’s health care system back on the map as one of the best in the quality and cost of care.

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The Genius Progressive TV Commentator Juan Williams Convinces Us That Hundreds of Thousands of People’s Medical Insurance Policies Being Canceled is a Good Thing

I’m so encouraged! Gotta love statism!

These middle-class consumers are staring at hefty increases on their insurance bills as the overhaul remakes the healthcare market. Their rates are rising in large part to help offset the higher costs of covering sicker, poorer people who have been shut out of the system for years.

Although recent criticism of the healthcare law has focused on website glitches and early enrollment snags, experts say sharp price increases for individual policies have the greatest potential to erode public support for President Obama’s signature legislation.

Progressive Political Correctness insanity by the University of Colorado and Minnesota administration.

Don’t wear cowboy or cowgirl types of clothing at any Boulder or Minneapolis halloween parties, even if that’s the only clothing you own, so you can conform to the administration idiocy that’s increasingly brainwashing students in Political Correctness (cultural Marxism).

Admit it, you aren’t outraged, because you’re sure their “intentions” are wonderful.

I hope that on halloween, hundreds in full western dress flood those two campuses…on horseback…why throw in some cattle and covered wagons.

Awakening To A Greater Reality In God’s Love


Wayne’s back from his recent trip to the UK, and his experiences there combined with letters from God Journey listeners, leaves him enthralled with what God is doing in the world to awaken people into a greater reality than religion offered them. You’ll hear from a woman who just got her first glimpse of God’s presence with her and from a seasoned theologian who is asking the kinds of question that is asking him to rethink everything he has ever known. Awakening to God’s reality is an intensely personal experience, available to each of us, but it has wide implications not only in how we can freely love others around us, but also in how Jesus gathers his church to be an expression of his life in the world. It is not found by wrapping your head around another set of principles, but by learning to follow him as he is making himself known in you.

Obama’s Curious Purge Of The Military Continues

Ham was ordered to “stand down,” an action the administration denies, and was also relieved of his post.

Gen. James Mattis, a Marine legend, was recently unceremoniously rushed out the door as commander of U.S. Central Command allegedly for questioning administration policy on Iran. A pair of two-star Afghan commanders, Maj. Gen. Mark Gurganus and Maj. Gen. Gregg Sturdevant, were relieved allegedly for failing to provide “proper force protection” against Taliban attackers, a curious charge in light of the administration’s absurd rules of engagement.

Four U.S. generals in charge of running President Obama’s war in Afghanistan were either forced to resign or saw their careers tainted by allegations of wrongdoing: Gen. David McKiernan, Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal, Gen. David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen saw charges ranging from impertinence to infidelity.

You’re not exempt from critical thought about Obamacare.

Math matters.

You are 500 pounds with diabetes, you pay the same as healthy payers. 

Your health insurance premiums are going to soar.

This doesn’t affect the half of Americans who depend on the government, totally

When you force income redistribution you have communism. 

Most Americans prefer Communism.  


Is Obama Creating a Martial-law-ready Military?

By Selwyn Duke

The Obama administration has given affirmative action in the military a dose of steroids, promoting minorities and women — and, I believe, homosexuals and lesbians — at the expense of white men. By the way, is this yet another reason why Obama wanted homosexuals to be able to serve openly? After all, you can’t target them for special treatment if you don’t know who they are.

But the point is this: if I were that hypothetical hard-left-wing leader, I’d know that one way to change the military’s political climate is the same way you do it in the nation at large.

Demographic manipulation.

White men generally vote Republican, white military men even more so, and white military men who are practicing Christians, well, that’s a recipe for a left-behind left. Minorities, women, atheists and the LGBT* crowd, however, are reliable liberal constituencies. So what would I do if I were that hard leftist?

I’d create a military climate friendly toward groups that are my constituencies and hostile toward those that aren’t.

And I’d do more than subordinate white men to other groups in the promotion process. I’d clamp down on Christian expression — which had often been robust in the military — and punish servicemen who transgressed against my separation-of-church-and-everything policy. I’d let the world know that as far as homosexuality goes, the armed services are open for monkey business. I’d also force military personnel to be politically correct not just about sexuality, but also Islam, so that they were confronted with the choice of saying things they don’t believe or career damage. After all, good people might rather leave the service than live a lie. And I’d issue instructional materials characterizing traditionalists as a threat, so that the low-information servicemen may believe it and the more savvy would feel further alienated.

Enough citizens know the Progressives actually intend to abolish the Constitution and are awakening to the necessity of becoming Constitutional Experts

We must not only gain Constitutional intelligence but also train ourselves to become Constitution rhetoricians.

Nothing holds more hope to begin what will be a century long battle of gradually restoring Liberty from the Cultural Marxists.

The Framers feared that statists would eventually overturn the Constitution, which has definitely and tragically happened, and provided for liberty amendments (see below) to be passed by the 75% of the states’ legislatures according to Article Five, bypassing Congress and the President.

Obamacare is blatantly unconstitutional.  What better example of the necessity for the states to pass amendments to the Constitution.

1) House, Senate, Supreme Court term limits.

2) Abolish the 17th Amendment to restore Senate accountability to the states.

3) Limit the federal bureaucracy

4) 2/3 of the states can amend the Constitution

Obama, The Media, The IRS and The National Park Service: Progressive Wolves in Service Dog Harness Committing Malicious Idiocy

A government agency they had always thought as benevolent, the National Park Service (NPS), unexpectedly turned into something that seemed alien and even frightening.    

Before last week the NPS had one of the most favorable images among federal agencies.  Mention the name and people recall family vacations to Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon and Smoky Mountain National Park.  Mention the expertise of NPS personnel and it brings back memories of class trips to Washington DC, Yorktown, Valley Forge or Gettysburg with knowledgeable tour guides explaining the significance of the sites.  Far more Americans interact with NPS personnel at some time in their life than ever deal with an IRS examiner.  While some may be aware that the NPS is also a law enforcement agency, that aspect of the NPS image has definitely been one of an Officer Friendly type keeping park visitors from harm. 

That Obama might become vindictive during the budget and debt ceiling debates was not a huge shock, either.  His nasty side has been analyzed at American Thinker many times since he came onto the nation’s political stage.  What came as a twin shock to many Americans was that Obama’s weapon of choice would be the National Park Service (NPS). Nor did people expect the Park Police would blanket the nation in barricades, not only at the entrances to national parks but also around open air monuments, around private facilities leased from the federal government and on roads used to access private residences. Certainly the use of the IRS against conservative groups such as the Tea Parties probably had more concrete short-term impact in terms of the 2012 elections, but how many people really trusted or liked the IRS to begin with?  That scandal was also mostly about politics and political players.  It lacked both compelling images and sympathetic victims who weren’t activists. The NPS story has both images and non-activist victims in spades.

It what looks like a spiteful move, the NPS even removed handles from water spigots along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal where bikers and joggers exercise as well as along the Great Allegheny Passage, just to ensure people don’t get any water from them.

Instead of saving money, the NPS is expending additional resources to go out of its way to close such locations and to make people miserable. Now maybe the political appointees ordered the park closures themselves, but this sounds like the work of someone at a more local level in the agency.

The bus stopped along a road when a large herd of bison passed nearby, and seniors filed out to take photos. Almost immediately, an armed ranger came by and ordered them to get back in, saying they couldn’t “recreate.” The tour guide, who had paid a $300 fee the day before to bring the group into the park, argued that the seniors weren’t “recreating,” just taking photos.

“She responded and said, ‘Sir, you are recreating,’ and her tone became very aggressive,” Vaillancourt said.

The seniors quickly filed back onboard and the bus went to the Old Faithful Inn, the park’s premier lodge located adjacent to the park’s most famous site, Old Faithful geyser. That was as close as they could get to the famous site — barricades were erected around Old Faithful, and the seniors were locked inside the hotel, where armed rangers stayed at the door.

There is a sickness in the regulatory bureaucracy that Americans should be ashamed of. The NPS, like the IRS, is corrupt and should be abolished — and the government’s parks (they’re clearly not the people’s) returned to the states.