17% Would Vote to Secede and Form New State: Rasmussen Report

People in California who want to withdraw from California and form the new state of Jefferson have been given a big boost with the recent Rasmussen Report that says 1 in 5 Americans Some residents in Maryland, California, Michigan and Colorado are looking to secede from their respective states, and nearly one-out-of-five Americans think that’s a good idea.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 17% of American Adults say they would vote for their section of their state to secede and form a new state. Seventy percent (70%) would vote to keep things the way they are, but another 13% are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Just 22% believe sections of individual states have the right to secede and form a new state. Fifty-five percent (55%) disagree, but a sizable 23% are not sure.

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The survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted on September 23-24, 2013 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. Field work for all Rasmussen Reports surveys is conducted by Pulse Opinion Research, LLC. See methodology.



Yesterday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) finished over 21 hours of – literally – standing up for the American people. Now that he’s catching up on his sleep, it’s our turn to keep the fight going.

We cannot relent. In just five days, Congress will either make Obamacare all but permanent law or defund the law. In one scenario, America takes one more giant step in the direction of European-style government. In the other, we as a nation start the long journey back to a constitutionally limited government.

Our last bastion for freedom is the Continuing Resolution being debated in the Senate – and we need each and every one of you. YOU will decide what happens, whether Senators capitulate yet again to big spending Congressional Leadership or hold strong. We the People must keep up pressure on Congress to make sure defunding actually takes place before October 1.

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Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians All Over The World And Obama Wants Us To Ally With Them


Over the past couple of days, we have witnessed some absolutely horrific examples of Islamic terror groups specifically targeting Christians and those from other non-Muslim religions.  Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon.  Radical Islamic jihadists are constantly attacking churches and slaughtering Christians all over the planet.  The recent events in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt may have taken this persecution to a new level, but this is just the continuation of a trend that has been building for years.  Unfortunately, Barack Obama does not seem too concerned about Islamic terrorism.  In fact, he specifically directed that “all references to Islam” be removed from terrorism training materials that the federal government uses.  If that wasn’t bad enough, now Obama is actually supplying weapons to the radical jihadist rebels that want to take over Syria, and he appears to be very ready to use the U.S. military to attack the Assad regime directly if “negotiations” with the Syrian government fail.  In essence, Obama wants the United States to be allies with psychotic jihadists that have the exact same radical philosophy that those who are killing Christians in Pakistan, Kenya and Egypt have.

College students: psychiatry targets them for final destruction

Constantly renewing enrollments of the young and vulnerable, under pressure to perform academically, away from home for the first time, becoming aware that a degree may earn them zero security in the shrinking job market.

Through on-campus counseling services, feeder lines channel students into psychiatrists’ office. Some colleges even have “crisis response teams” to guide students with problems into the heart of psychiatric-drug darkness.

EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO WATCH THIS NOW: “Parents, you need to question these people!:” Shock video of dad ARRESTED at school meeting after challenging Common Core/Fed Ed scheme

The stakes are high and the elites trying to force Fed Ed down America’s throat will shamelessly use any and every kind of government-backed force and coercion necessary to stifle dissent and get their way.

This is a watershed moment for parents, activists, and educators who refuse to surrender to the For The Children control freaks.

Obama and the EPA CO2 Nazis essentially ban new coal-fired power plants.

From the Wall Street Journal:

But a person who has seen a recent version of the revised rule said it would propose an emissions limit of 1,100 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour for coal plants and 1,000 pounds per megawatt hour for large gas-fired plants. Last year’s version was only slightly different, setting a 1,000-pound limit for both types of plants.  


The person and others briefed on the rule said such stringent limits would ban new coal plants, which generally release about twice as much carbon dioxide as the proposed limits. Even the newest, most advanced coal-fired power plants in the world would fall far short of that revised standard, they said.

The only way coal plants could comply is to capture carbon-dioxide emissions and stick them underground—a costly process that hasn’t been demonstrated at commercial scale before. 

“This shows the administration discounts and does not appreciate the value of coal and how it can serve the country. You’re impairing the backbone of the power grid,” said Hal Quinn, chief executive of the National Mining Association, an industry trade group. 


Utilities and manufacturers also worry the new rules could lead to an electricity supply crunch or rising prices for consumers. “For the first time ever, EPA is becoming a regulator of energy. The rule they’re putting out there is going to force choices as to which energy you use, and that’s a very disturbing concept for manufacturers, for businesses, for anybody that has to comply with these laws,” said Ross Eisenberg, the vice president for energy policy at the National Association of Manufacturers, a trade group.


Agencies to whom you can donate:

Larimer County Information:

  • 1,000 residents remain in remote locations needing to be evacuated. 
  • There are now 398 unaccounted for persons
  • 1,500 residential homes in Larimer County have been destroyed with an expected number of 4,500 homes damaged.  There are also estimated 200 businesses destroyed and 500 businesses with damage in Larimer County as well.

The entire Colorado Front Range has been devastated by flooding: Aerial Tour of Fort Collins and Loveland.


BOULDER, Colo.— National Guard troops plucked stranded residents out of danger by helicopter and hauled them out of an inundated community in military trucks on Friday as the death toll from the worst floods to hit Colorado in decades rose to four with 172 people still unaccounted for.

Taking advantage of a break in torrential rains that have unleashed floodwaters up and down the state, Guard members rumbled into the hard-hit town of Lyons through waist-high water and went door to door to pull out up to 2,000 trapped residents.

“These individuals are not only coming with just themselves, but with their suitcases and their precious household items along with their pets and everything, all getting loaded in the back of these vehicles,” said First Lieutenant Skye Robinson, a spokesman for the Colorado National Guard.

Elsewhere in the state, search and rescue teams used helicopters to hoist some 200 residents to safety one by one by hovering over flooded areas because there was no place to land after raging waters washed out roads and inundated farmland.

The flooding – so intense it toppled buildings in some places – began overnight Wednesday. It was triggered by unusually heavy late-summer storms that drenched Colorado’s biggest urban centers, from Fort Collins near the Wyoming border south through Boulder, Denver and Colorado Springs.

Boulder and a string of other towns along the Front Range of the Rockies north of Denver were especially hard hit as water poured down rain-soaked mountains and spilled through canyons that funneled the runoff into populated areas.

Lyons, north of Boulder, was virtually cut off when floodwaters washed out U.S. Route 36, and residents have been without water and power for 48 hours, said Mike Banuelos, a spokesman for the Boulder County Emergency Operations Center.

At least four people were killed, including a couple swept away in floodwaters after stopping their car northwest of Boulder. The man’s body was recovered on Thursday and the woman had been missing and feared dead before her body was found on Friday.

Also killed were a person whose body was found in a collapsed building near Jamestown, an evacuated enclave north of Boulder, and a man in Colorado Springs, about 100 miles to the south, officials said.

On Friday, Governor John Hickenlooper declared a disaster emergency for 14 counties, reaching from the Wyoming border south to Colorado Springs. The declaration authorizes $6 million in funds to pay for flood response and recovery.

In neighboring New Mexico, where floods forced the evacuation of hundreds of people in Eddy, Sierra and San Miguel counties, Governor Susana Martinez declared a state of disaster on Friday making funding available to state emergency officials for recovery efforts.

The Boulder Office of Emergency Management listed 172 people as unaccounted for following the floods, stressing that while they were not yet considered missing or in danger, relatives and authorities had not been able to contact them.

Authorities said many western mountain communities remained isolated with no potable water or working septic systems.


In rural Weld County, where the South Platte River has overflowed its banks and virtually cut the county in half, aerial TV footage showed large stretches of land covered in brown water. Many homes and farms were largely half-submerged.

Weld County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Reams said nearly every road in and around a cluster of towns that includes Greeley, Evans and Milliken had been closed by flooding, including bridges that were washed out.

Rescue teams were evacuating some stranded residents by boat, while some farmers managed to move to high ground on their tractors, Reams said in an interview with the Denver-area ABC television affiliate.

The flooding was the worst in the state since nearly 150 people were killed near Boulder in 1976 by a flash flood along the Big Thompson Canyon.

The size and scope of property losses remain unquantified, with county assessment teams unlikely to begin preliminary evaluations of the damage at least until early next week, once water has receded, said Micki Frost, spokeswoman for the Colorado Office of Emergency Management.,0,1004740.story

A Progressive Administration Totally Incompetent Regarding Syria

Naive about the levers of power: Where to start? Obama reversed course on congressional authorization at the last minute, after a private chat with his chief of staff, and to the surprise of his national security team–all in violation of presidential best practices. He then left the country on a quixotic trip to Russia, allowing misgivings to grow in Congress and the public before he could build a case for striking Syria. Boxed in, Obama seized upon a Russian proposal to put Syria’s weapons in the hands of the international community. It’s an impractical solution, a fig leaf. Either Obama trusts Russian President Vladimir Putin (a mistake) or he is a partner in deceit (an outrage). A Democratic strategist who works closely with the White House, and who requested anonymity to avoid political retribution, told me, “This has been one of the most humiliating episodes in presidential history.” … As he faced an international and constitutional crisis, Obama and his team were in a familiar state: isolated, insular, and alone.

Wake up to the Constitution and Sovereignty of the People, You Liberals!

DENVER — Colorado voters stunned the nation Tuesday night by ousting two heavily funded Democratic state legislators in a recall election that was cast as a national referendum on gun control.

Senate President John Morse and state Sen. Angela Giron lost their seats in the state’s first-ever Legislative recall election, despite the support of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, hundreds of ground troops from groups like Organizing for America, and a 7-to-1 spending advantage.

The results of the double recall shocked state Democrats, who had insisted voters would back the Legislature’s recently passed gun bills. Meanwhile, gun-rights advocates and Republicans were elated, betting that the recalls will discourage other states from pushing forward with gun-control legislation.

Both Colorado Democrats conceded defeat shortly before final election results were announced. Mr. Morse lost his Colorado Springs seat by 51 to 49 percent, while Ms. Giron was defeated in her Pueblo district by 56 to 44 percent.

The ousted Democrats will be replaced by Republicans who also appeared on the recall ballots. Former Colorado Springs city councilman Bernie Herpin will succeed Mr. Morse, while retired deputy Pueblo police chief George Rivera takes over the Giron seat. 

The Collectivist Brainwashing Called Public Schooling


“Well,” Jimmy’s teacher said, “we’re trying to emphasize cooperation. But Jimmy has another agenda. He apparently wants to stay separate from the other children.”

“Yes,” the principal said. “It’s matter of psychology. You see, separateness breeds conflict. On a larger scale, this is why nations have wars.”

“Agreed,” said the school superintendent. “We want each child to see the reflection of himself in the other children. And we want him to see the reflection of everyone else in himself.”

“You lost me there,” Jimmy’s father said. He was trying to remain calm.

A week ago, Jimmy, six years old, was sitting in class drawing. The teacher had taped a sketch of a face on the blackboard. She was taking the students through a step-by-step process aimed at getting them to reproduce the face in their notebooks.

She walked up and down the rows, and when she came to Jimmy, she saw he was drawing a very different face. It wasn’t bland. It was the face of a woman laughing. The face was floating among trees in a forest.

She stopped. The drawing looked very real.

“Jimmy,” she said, “this isn’t the face we’re all working on.”

He looked up at her.

“I know,” he said.

“So why are you doing this other one?”

He shrugged.

She said, “When we’re done, we’re all going to put our drawings on the blackboard and see what they look like. But your face will be different.”

“So?” he said.

She felt a wave of anger sweep through her. She controlled it.

“The other children will be confused when they see your face,” she said.

Jimmy shrugged again.

“I won’t put your face on the blackboard,” the teacher said.

“Okay,” Jimmy said.

After class, the teacher went to the principal and they sat down and looked through Jimmy’s file. They noticed that Jimmy had once worn an unusual T-shirt to school. It had a photo of a crown on it.

Another child had asked the gym teacher what the crown was.

Now, sitting in the meeting with the teacher, the principal, and the superintendent, Jimmy’s father said, “Jimmy just likes crowns. I don’t know why.”

“Well,” the teacher said, “a crown is a symbol of monarchy. One ruler over all the people.”

The principal said, “That other child felt confused when she saw the T-shirt. Confusion is an indicator that the communal spirit has been , well, interrupted.”

The superintendent said, “A crown can also have religious connotations.”


The Obamacare Train wreck is 3 Weeks Away: Thank You So Much, Progressives.

A mere three weeks remain before the Obamacare exchanges open for business. The likely result will be the closing doors on Main Street, as shopkeepers and entrepreneurs shut down, unable to make ends meet. It’s clear that the wounded economy can’t cope with the exploding costs ahead.

Ohio announced that premiums would rise in the individual market by an average of 88 percent next year. Premiums will rise 72 percent in Indiana, 125 percent in Wisconsin. Even California, with its relatively robust individual market, is bracing for increases of 66 percent.

The Obamacare train wreck bearing down on us is about far more than higher costs. A study by University of Chicago economist Casey B. Mulligan documents the perverse Obamacare incentives that encourage Americans to become much less productive. He estimates that the legislation acts as a payroll tax increase for about half the working, non-elderly population earning an average weekly wage. Obamacare will turn those who work hard into losers, declaring part-timers the winners.

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