Let John Gatto challenge whether you are a true learner

If you are willing to discover that your current idea of what it means to be boundless learner is severely limited, listen to John Taylor Gatto:  http://www.altruists.org/f1024   http://www.johntaylorgatto.com/Government controlled schooling largely doesn’t provide an education because it’s not supposed to.  Many private schools aren’t much better.Few books are more worth adding to your library:

Adam Smith wrote that it takes deliberate untraining to remove a street sweeper’s child’s potential for brilliance.

After the Civil War the minds, ingenuity, and spirits of those dwelling in the only country on earth founded on unbounded liberty began to be imprisoned by central planners and revered “experts” in academia.

Thus arrived the onslaught of collectivism and government monopoly compulsory schooling to prevent an unmanageable social order and to groom people for the emerging industrial economy.

This was especially “necessary” amidst the flood of immigrants and the burgeoning quantity of independent thinkers and entrepreneurs.

The Biblical first principles that catapulted Americans to miraculous prosperity, effective government, and incomparable ingenuity were largely trashed by the time of Woodrow Wilson (a deceived academic like President Obama), who openly described his disapproval of our founding documents.

Progressives, and some Evangelicals, condemn the idea of “self interest” and individualism as militating against the “common good” and “fairness.”

Time to detonate this mind trap and extricate people from complacency about the onslaught of cultural Marxism, fiscal suicide, a parisitical administrative state, and the numbing effect of public schooling, television, main stream media, “intravenous” music streaming, video games, Facebook and artificial forms of recreation.



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