Despite the administration’s collectivism, what makes America are the individual dreamers, builders and doers.


Beck: Collapsing the System

October 28, 2009 – 23:43 ET

I’ve told you a lot of spooky things on this show and I’m hoping a lot of those things are wrong.

On Tuesday, I asked you the question: Does it matter if these people are Marxists?

Does it matter that the guy rebuilding our automotive industry has no experience and believes that the free market system doesn’t work? Or that the manufacturing “czar” said that the free market is “nonsense?” Or that we have communists and radicals serving in the administration and advising the president?

RON BLOOM, WHITE HOUSE MANUFACTURING ‘CZAR’: Generally speaking, we get the joke. We know that the free market is nonsense…

MARK LLOYD, FCC DIVERSITY ‘CZAR’: In Venezuela, with Chavez, a really incredible revolution, a democratic revolution…

THEN-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE BARACK OBAMA: I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.

VAN JONES, FORMER WHITE HOUSE GREEN JOBS ‘CZAR’: Give them the wealth! Give them the wealth!

ANITA DUNN, WHITE HOUSE COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: Mao Tse-Tung and Mother Teresa, not often coupled with each another, but the two people that I turn to most…

Does it matter?

The answer is yes, if you believe that what makes America, America are the individual dreamers, builders and doers. Not the collective, but the individuals, the dreamers and the inventors.

From the people that brought us moving pictures the assembly line, the light bulb, the elevator, the Chia Pet, those are the individuals that made us great. And that is what is being stifled.

Now, government will tell you what to create, how to create it and what to do with it after you’ve created it. They’ll control your financing, control your education, control your health. They’ll control what you watch on television, they’ll control absolutely everything — because now, they’ll own a lot of the banks and many of the companies.

So now, not only does an inventor have to invent the thing the government says it is looking for, they’ll also make sure that you can’t go out on your own and try to create something better.

It is total control. And it is also, total insanity.

I’ve told you before about Cloward and Piven, a 1960s strategy that identified the best way to stop the Republic — the best way to subvert the Constitution and replace it with communism, Marxim or socialism — is to first financially collapse it.

Just a year ago, this stuff sounded absolutely crazy.

We’ve all worried about the debt. I want to not only show you how bad the debt is, but I also want to arm you with information, you will not accept their answer when they present a solution for what’s coming. And what’s coming is a system that is unsustainable. A system that is going to collapse. A system that quite honestly, looks a lot like what happened in Iceland.

In Iceland, all three of their McDonalds have been forced to close. Now, that may not sound like a national emergency, but neither does the swine flu. The reason they shut down is that Iceland’s currency, the krona, has devalued to the point where the McDonalds’ franchise owner could no longer afford to even import the packaging, meat and cheese to run the business.

Remember, four years ago, Iceland was a stable economy. But now, after being in a position where they were importing workers from Poland, they’ve gone to a 10 percent unemployment rate in one year. Massive debt, coupled with the currency and banking crisis, has caused Iceland’s once thriving economy to hit the skids.

Iceland’s GDP is around $20 billion; their foreign debt alone is $120 billion — six times their GDP. Would you like a hot apple pie with that debt, Reykjavik? If only their biggest problem was where to find their next Big Mac. If only that was our biggest problem.

Our GDP is $15 trillion. Our actual debt, as you’ve seen many times on the debt clock, is $105 trillion. Hmm, seven times our GDP.

I want to make this clear: Ours is actual debt; theirs is foreign debt. But do you know the games our government plays with the accounting books? Do you realize we have four separate books? According to David Walker, former U.S. comptroller, everybody involved would be in jail — if we didn’t own the jails.

Liberal blogs are having fun with me saying there’s more truth from Pravda. Well, let me give you a quote from Pravda last week: “It can be safely said, that the last time a great nation destroyed itself through its own hubris and economic folly was the early Soviet Union (though in the end the late Soviet Union still died by the economic hand). Now we get the opportunity to watch the Americans do the exact same thing to themselves. The most amazing thing of course, is that they are just repeating the failed mistakes of the past.”

How is it happening? Well, let me explain how the system works:

A year ago we had a problem with the banks: People took out too many bad loans and the government pressured banks to make those loans, by the way, to people who couldn’t afford them and the whole thing melted down.

So the banks didn’t have enough money to cover bad loans and we were faced with a choice: Let them fail or bail them out. Well, you know what happened: We passed the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP) to help the banks cover the bad loans and fund new ones.

Now we’re hearing that the banks aren’t making loans. How is that possible? After all, we gave them all of that money.

It’s actually a good thing right now that the banks aren’t making those loans. Too much money would be flooding the system. They are not making those loans because they’re afraid that the worst is not yet behind us and they need to have that money on hand so they can keep their doors open.

But if things start to get better again, then all of that money will flood out into the system. It’s called velocity — the speed of the money coming out of banks into the economy. And for inflation to happen, you need a lot of money in the system.

We don’t really have an inflation problem right now, but back in the ’70s under Jimmy Carter, for two years we printed too much money. We added 13 percent more money to our money supply for two years. Remember how bad the inflation was? And we started down a socialist utopia with Jimmy Carter.

To stop it, what did we have to do? Fed Chairman Paul Volcker came in and, in an effort to suck all the money back to the Fed and out of the system, he had to raise interest rates.

Remember, the banks have all of this money on the sidelines right now. As soon as they release it into the system, from that time, it usually takes about two years for the money glut to cause inflation.

After printing 13 percent more money for two years, we had runaway inflation of 12 percent. So Volcker raised the interest rate to 20 percent, because whenever you borrow, let’s say, $100, you’ll then owe $20 — the Fed then takes that $20 and destroys it to get it out of the system and bring inflation back down.

So we had to have a 20 percent interest rate for a 13 percent increase in the money supply for two years. In the last year or so since Lehman Brothers failed, we have increased our money supply by 120 percent.

How high will our interest rate have to be to pull all of that money back out of the system?

The reason I bring this up is that our real debt, as I pointed out, is $105 trillion. You and I both know we can’t pay that back, so how do you pull this money back in without completely shutting down the entire economy? Can you afford a house with a 30-year interest of 35 or 40 percent? How about a car payment? How many business loans will be taken out with 25 percent interest rates?

You can’t. Everything stops. So how do you keep an economy, based on buying — not building — going when you can’t borrow money? You don’t. It’s the real reason that Chris Dodd wants a cap on credit cards today. They must have your credit cards working. They must have you spending.

Here’s what I think they’re doing: They will pay off the debt by printing enough money to pay off $105 trillion. It’ll be worthless, but we’ll give the Chinese and the rest of our debtors, their money. And those people that we’ve sold stuff to will come and take their assets.

But then what’s left to restart the country? We have to have something to back our currency. Well, what about gold? There are $200 trillion in investible assets in the world and just $800 billion in gold to back it. So you can’t go back to the gold standard; you need something to buy stuff with — we can’t barter forever.

So, we have to have money and we have to base it on something. Let’s go back to the people who taught us in the last century what we do when there’s an out-of-control money supply: the Weimar Republic in Germany. What did they do? After their currency had become so worthless that they had printed 2 trillion-mark bank notes and their economy collapsed, they dumped the mark, switched to the rentenmark and backed it with real estate — land.

Well, there’s certainly enough land and resources in America that we could back our currency that way as well, but the government would have to own all the land.

Hey, good news! Between Fannie and Freddie, the federal government already owns 55 percent of the mortgages in this country. And coupled with all the federal land grabs for parks, polar bears who are crowded but endangered and all the oil we’re not drilling for or coal we’re not mining, you might be able to base a currency on all that. And what a deal for China when they come in to “help.”

I hope I’m absolutely wrong about this, I honestly do. But think about this: Who would the new “regime” responsible for this “new America” have on their side? Who would the federal government, after they’ve destroyed your future and that of your children, who would they have on their side?

You’ll say: Let us fix it; let the free market fix it. But we’ve already seen those in the government don’t believe in you or the free market. The government is going to say: Let the world fix it. They’re already saying that — and when you watch Friday’s show on global warming, you’ll see how they’re laying the groundwork for this.

Don’t fool yourself. Read history. During the American Revolution and the Civil War, we needed allies: People who would fight and supply money. Our government is making those allies: Russia, China, Venezuela. But don’t you think China would be willing to come over here to protect this government, from its people under those circumstances? For a piece of our oil, coal, mineral reserves and land? And to be part of one, big, happy global family?

You bet.

So it boils down to this: What if the dollar collapses in the next three, five, eight years? What if, this is the plan? Does it matter?

And let me ask specifically to all those who support Gitmo being closed, the Amnesty International goofballs, the protect-the-endangered-crowded-polar-bear crowd: Do you really think Russia and China will be better protectors of the planet than we have been? Will Russians cordon off 200,000 square miles of extra space for polar bear roaming or will they shoot them in the head to get a barrel of oil that used to belong to you?

I know I would. Surely, Ivan will.

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A Vastly Superior Proposal for Healthcare Insurance Reform, than Statist Obamacare

“Small Bill” Proposal for Sensible Health-Care Reform
To make health insurance more accessible, affordable, and portable — without threatening the quality
of care or the preexisting insurance of millions of Americans:
1. End the unfair tax on the uninsured (and self-insured), giving them a tax-break similar to that which is
already available to those with employer-provided insurance.  Provide refundable and advanceable tax-credits
of  $2,000  per  person,  up  to  $5,000  per  family.    LEAVE  EMPLOYER-PROVIDED  INSURANCE,  ITS  TAX-
EXEMPT STATUS, AND THE REST OF THE TAX CODE,  INTACT.   (Increase  in government spending: none. 
Average reduction in taxes: $34.5 billion/year (see * below), offset by using unallocated economic stimulus funds.)
2. Allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines.  Allow Americans to shop for coverage from coast to
coast — whether from lower-mandate states at lower prices, or from higher-mandate (additional-coverage) states at
higher prices.  Allow plans bought in one state to be transported to another.  (Increase in government spending: none.)
3. Expand Americans’  ability  to  keep  their  insurance when  they  leave  their  job.  COBRA  allows  former
employees  to pay  the costs of their  insurance premiums (including  the employer’s former share) and  thereby
keep  their  insurance  in  effect, but only  for 18 months.   Expand COBRA by 12 months,  allowing people  to
keep their insurance for up to 30 months if they have not yet secured a new job with an employer-sponsored
plan.  (Increase in government spending: none.)
4. Allow  lower premiums  for healthier  lifestyles.   Existing  federal  regulations ban private  companies  from
offering more than a 20 percent discount to those who eat and drink in moderation, exercise, or don’t smoke. 
Such regulations handcuff private efforts to reward healthier lifestyles and to thereby cut health costs — and
they should be eliminated.  (Increase in government spending: none.)
5. Cut costs by preventing runaway malpractice lawsuits.  Relieve doctors from having to practice defensive
medicine, by capping punitive damages at $250,000 per provider and $750,000 total, while continuing to allow
unlimited economic damages to compensate for financial loss.  (Increase in government spending: none.)
6.  Provide  further  help  for  those  who  are  uninsured  and  have  expensive  preexisting  conditions,  by
increasing federal support for state-run high-risk pools.  Thirty-four states already have pools to help those
who have been denied affordable coverage because of prohibitively expensive preexisting conditions, and we
should  incentivize  their establishment  in all 50  states.    (Federal  (DSH)  funds currently covering emergency-
room  care  would  gradually  fund  the  pools,  as  reliance  on  emergency-room  care  is  reduced.    Increase  in
government spending: $15 billion in the first year, gradually dropping to $0.)  (See ** below.) 
Ten-year  totals:  $15  billion  in  increased
spending in Year-1, gradually declining to $0 in
Year-10; average of $34.5 billion per year in tax
cuts — all for the uninsured or self-insured. 
*28 million Americans are uninsured (46 million minus 9 mil-
lion non-citizens minus 9 million on Medicaid who said they
were uninsured (Census)).  An estimated 7 million have only
self-purchased  insurance  and  aren’t  eligible  for  the  self-
employed tax-exemption, making 35 (28 + 7) million eligible. 
With an average tax-credit of $1,600/person, if initially 1/3 and
eventually 3/5 of  those eligible either already have  insurance
or buy it, the total tax-reduction would be $19-50 billion/year,
and 95 percent of Americans would be insured by year-10.  (If
that percentage lowers, fewer tax-credits would be given.)
**A  federal  survey  cited  by  the  CBO  indicates  that  1-1.5
million  Americans  are  uninsured  because  of  preexisting
conditions.    Safely  assuming  twice  that many  (2-3 million),
each would get $5,000-$7,500, plus a tax credit of $2,000, for
a total of $7,000-$9,500 per year in federal relief.

If everybody told the truth tomorrow, car buying would be a good experience and there would be no more Democratic Party.


October 23, 2009
Lies, Damned Lies, and Sadistics
By Pedro Primavera

If everybody told the truth tomorrow, car buying would be a good experience and there would be no more Democratic Party.

We have become desensitized to lies these days. A study a few years ago said that presidential candidates only keep 40% of their promises. Bill Clinton performed better at 50% because he managed to take both sides of every issue. He never bothered to fact-check and didn’t need to: the mainstream media doesn’t bother, either.

What Bill Clinton told were lies. Everybody knew he was lying to save his political skin during the Monica Lewinsky debacle. What is the definition of is? Or what about Hillary Clinton being shot at in Bosnia? Or that she was named for Sir Edmund Hillary even though she was born before he climbed Mt. Everest. What came out of their mouths was strictly for convenience.

Further, Al Gore should be given a genius prize for inventing the Internet. If Michelle Obama is to be believed, she watched Carl Lewis in the Olympics on her daddy’s lap…when she was 20 years old. I won’t touch that one.

Lies are convenient these days in today’s culture. Resumes are “embellished,” prisons are full of innocent men, the dog ate my homework, blame it on the guy who ain’t there, the nightly news. We’ve come to expect it. Worse, Americans have started shrugging at the lies from politicians bordering on treason.

Things have worsened in the last two years. Over the horizon came the Damned Lie, as perfected by Barack Obama. What sets him apart is the audacity of the lie.

Earlier this year, he told the CIA he was their biggest fan when all along he wanted to gut it and demoralize it. He says he has no reason to look back and prosecute those responsible for the Iraq War but has his lieutenant do that for him. He bloats the federal budget for trillions of dollars and then claims to have found a few billion dollars to pare off the budget while lecturing the American people on fiscal austerity.

What makes them Damned Lies is they hide his real intentions; that he wants to gut the United States and weaken it to just one country among many. And these Damned Lies get a pass from a compliant mainstream media. And he will lie about anything at any time if it suits his needs.

It should be plainly obvious now that BHO has no intention on “governing” and wanting what is best for the American people. No, like most of the liberal elites, he knows what is best for America. He wants to tear down the foundations to the most successful political experiment in the world and replace it with a historically uniformly failing model. And the method used is the Damned Lie.

Joseph Goebbels was right: if you continue the lie long enough, people will believe it, especially when you have the mainstream media in your pocket.

It is amazing that people go back to the same dealers they bought their last car even though they complain how they were ripped off and received poor service afterwards. The American people seem to be sadistic in this manner.

Most Americans seem to be even more so with modern politics. They give no care to the truth or history and vote for what looks good on television. They expect that all politicians lie even though they seem to be almost exclusively the domain of the Democrat Party. It appears that elections aren’t for selecting our representatives anymore but for people they want to see win.

Children will lie until they know better. But the Damned Lie is the most important part of BHO’s arsenal and he doesn’t care. Regardless, it is time to send the adults back to Washington. The hard part is getting through these next three years.

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October 23, 2009 – 02:29:56 PM EDT

Are you contacting your Representatives about the Healthcare bill?

House or Senate 877-210-5351, 800-828-0498, House (202) 225-3121, Senate (202) 224-3121, White House comment line 202-456-1111

Urge your representatives as follows:
Please help ensure the Healthcare bill includes the first list below of 10 critical reforms which are now excluded from the bill and please work to exclude the second list of 10 statist intrusions on our freedoms which ARE in the current bill. Your support of the current bill will mobilize many Minnesota resources and votes to
prevent your re-election.

What the Current Healthcare Bill Tragically Excludes:
1. Reduction of costly government mandates and regulations
2. Allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines, a national market for health insurance, insurance choice
3. Expansion of Health Savings Accounts
4. Support of retail health clinics
5. Provide vouchers for the working poor and chronically uninsured and CHIP Registration for eligible children
6. Incentives for wellness
7. Price transparency
8. Tort Reform
9. Approval/Patent Reform for Drugs and Treatments
10. Provisions to Force Medicare and Medicaid to compete

What the current Healthcare Bill Tragically Includes:
1. Removal of the Ability of Insurers to Deny Coverage
2. Coverage Mandates on Individuals and Employers
3. Government-Designed Insurance Plans
4. Threats to Medicare Advantage
5. New Taxes
6. A Stronger IRS
7. “Managed Competition” (a.k.a. “Government Control”)
8. Reckless Expansion of Medicaid
9. Welfare for the Middle Class
10. Government Rationing

A Serious Summary of the Overreach of Progressivism


Progressivism? Not so fast, folks
By: Rep. John Linder
October 7, 2009 05:17 AM EST

The progressive movement in the United States is generally traced back to Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, but he took his lead from predecessor Teddy Roosevelt and expanded on it.

The intellectual foundation of the progressive movement, though, can be traced farther back — to the French Revolution inspired by Rousseau and Robespierre. The central faith was that the “collective” was more important than the “person.” Robespierre said, “The people is always worth more than individuals. … The people is sublime, but individuals are weak.”

Following the progressivism of Wilson were communism, fascism and Nazism. All believed in the state and tried to marginalize religion. (These leaders desired that the least feel comforted only by the generosity of the state.)

Progressivism and its progeny all believed in the fairness and wisdom of decisions made by the state — often at the expense of the individual, who, it was believed, made selfish decisions. All demanded that the state have an increased role in raising children. Adolf Hitler scoffed at those who remained opposed to him, saying he already had control of their children.

All believed in the minimum wage, state control of private property for the public good, unionization and environmentalism. And they believed in eugenics to purify the gene pool.

It is now fair to wonder whether we are returning to a belief that only a powerful central government can fix all of our problems. Victor Davis Hanson wrote in the National Review that President Barack Obama is governing as though the United States were a university and he its president. Governing by czars fits that example. A diversity czar, environment czar, pay czar, science czar, manufacturing czar and, of course, health czar could deal with the “whole” of an issue rather than looking at it piece by piece. This is not unlike the women’s studies, black studies, diversity studies, environmental studies and other obsequious studies in most academic settings.

And with the Obama administration, just as in Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy and Wilson’s America, the leaders of major corporations are falling in line. Whether it is climate change, executive pay, automobile manufacturing or bank buying, CEOs step right up and wait for the tax benefits to surely follow their pandering. And the CEOs stood mute while bondholders saw their investments given to the unions. David Broder recently quoted an article by William Schambra of the Hudson Institute. Schambra writes that “Obama is emphatically a ‘policy approach’ president. … Long-term, systemic problems of health care, education and the environment cannot be solved in small pieces. They must be taken on in whole.”

Broder notes that Schambra traces the roots of this approach back to the progressive movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries — when progressives believed that social sciences should instruct government. Broder compares Obama’s approach to governing with that taken by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.

And just as was the case with Wilson, Carter and Clinton, Obama blames selfish individuals or corporations for the problems he seeks to redress. Eighty-five percent of Americans are happy with their health care, and Obama blames greedy insurance companies for this huge failure, which he seeks to correct by taking over 16 percent of our economy.

The principal sin in politics is overreaching. Americans have in the past repeatedly voted for freedom and the supremacy of the individual over the state. It will happen again.

Rep. John Linder (R-Ga.) is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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A Looming War in the Gulf


October 06, 2009
Lose Afghanistan, Lose Pakistan, Lose Iran, Lose It All
By James Lewis

The gangster regimes of the world are on the march, and they’ve got our number. They know how to squeeze more civilized nations. Our weakness is cowardice, and that goes double or triple in the face of nuclear weapons. That’s why all the rogues are trying to get nukes as fast as they can. They know it’s the perfect blackmail weapon, and it makes them invulnerable to attack.

That is also why President Obama’s public rejection of General McChrystal’s advice on Afghanistan affects your personal safety and mine. Gen. McChrystal wants more troops. Obama doesn’t want to send them because he needs the money to promote his socialist take-over of America. You can’t have both. Look at Europe, where the military have become pathetic social welfare programs. All the air is sucked out by bigger and bigger victim programs.

Obama must be realizing by now that the chance of a major war in the Gulf next year is rising to 100 percent. Ahmadinejad will have nuclear weapons too, and he already has enough radioactive materials for a dirty nuke, a low-tech weapon that can spread terror everywhere in the world. The Left always puts the burden of proof for WMDs on America, which can never prove their existence because the CIA rarely can penetrate totalitarian regimes. You can’t prove a negative. Ever. So the Left is always asking the impossible. It makes them sound reasonable when they are just sabotaging common sense.

But Saddam had a warehouse full of yellowcake uranium, as we now know, and to make a terror weapon all he had to do is load a plane full of that stuff and crash it into the LA Library Tower. You don’t need a nuclear explosion to spread terror. All you need is a lot of radioactive stuff thrown together with explosive; agricultural fertilizer will do. For radioactive material you could use the Cesium in your local X-ray unit. Saddam did not do that because he feared our inevitable retaliation.

If Israel attacks Tehran, the Iranians will try to retaliate, either by a missile strike or by local attacks using Hezbollah and Hamas. If Israel does not attack Tehran, the Iranians will try to attack Tel Aviv anyway, because it is the key plank in their ideological doctrine, the one they have been chanting about for thirty years. For Israel it’s just in the difference in the timing of an inevitable war. It’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. So it makes more sense for Israel to attack first, and expect to defend immediately against Iranian retaliation. It is far, far better to do that before the Iranians get actual nukes.

If Obama expects to stay out of that battle, good luck. The Iranians are just as likely to strike the Saudi oil fields (fifty miles away), the Gulf sheikhdoms, the US military in Iraq, the US Navy in the Gulf, or Israel. Israel is the best-defended state in the region. Unlike the Arab states Israel has proven retaliatory capacity. The Arabs have to rely on us, but if we don’t come through and defend them successfully, the Saudis are all ready to import nuclear weapons from Pakistan. They’ve already paid for them by financing Paki nuke development.

So the United States will be drawn into an East Asian or Gulf war. There’s no way it can stay out. Unless of course we want a war to spread wider.

As soon as rogue nations get their nukes we are in completely unknown territory. Nothing in the US-Soviet balance of power over the last sixty years is guaranteed to work anymore. The nuclear balance will not have two sides, but half a dozen. Tehran preaches suicide warfare, the first regime to do so since Tojo’s Japan sixty years ago. Pakistan does not, but if Pakistan is taken over by the Taliban, you can’t trust that any more. India certainly will not trust Islamic radicals with nuclear weapons next door.

So everything depends upon vigorous American action. That’s what McChrystal has undoubtedly been telling Obama behind the scenes. We know that the General decided to go public at the risk of his career. That means Obama was resisting the iron logic of reality. He is by far the most unqualified president ever to occupy the office in a time of grave national danger. He’s no Washington, no Lincoln, no Truman, no FDR, no JFK, and no George W. Bush. If he can learn quickly enough, he might be able to rise to their level of courage and realism. If not, the world is back to 1939 and Hitler’s invasion of Poland.

Will the United States back Israel in a preemptive war? If so, and if preemptive strikes succeed, we can keep the rogues in their place. Beating down Iranian nukes will signal to the other rogues that nuclear weapons are not the ace in the hole they think it is.

That is why Afghanistan and its neighbor Pakistan, AfPak, is a historic watershed moment. If we lose in Afghanistan and the Taliban win, and they can combine with their brethren in Pakistan to get control over a nuclear weapon, and we will see an Al Qaeda look-alike with nukes. That’s what Cheney and Bush were warning us about. India can’t afford that, and they are quickly arming up. China can’t afford it either.

The same logic applies to Iran. Ahmadinejad has been threatening not just Israel and the United States, but the Saudis and Gulf States. The Saudis have financed Pakistan’s nuclear program to be able import them instantly, as soon as Tehran gets its own.

It is the United States that keeps its finger in this dike. Pull that finger out, and we’ll see a flood.

So we lose, and the world does, too, if we don’t beat down the threat. If we succeed in defending the world in alliance with other countries, we will survive and the gangster regimes will be held back.

Welcome to Obama’s Choice.

The White House debate on Afghanistan is therefore critical. That is why General McChrystal is risking his career by going public, and why the White House is sneering at him in public, the way they do. But McChrystal was appointed just ten months ago as the best expert in the Petraeus anti-insurgency doctrine. There aren’t any better military leaders for this kind of conflict. His willingness to go public shows what kind of values he has.

Obama is now where he dreamed of being: Making a huge life-or-death decision on civilization. He has never shown any comprehension of America’s strategic aims and doctrines in the last sixty years. I can only guess that he is getting intensive tutoring right now by General Jones and SecDef Robert Gates; maybe even by Hillary and Bill. Anybody with credibility will do.

If Obama makes the wrong decision, start digging that hole in your back yard. It’ll be a long-term investment, because you’ll want a bomb shelter for years to come.

This could be the real Obama Stimulus Plan.

Israel is bound and determined to defend herself. If the United States fails to back an Israeli attack on Tehran they will do it anyway. The US will then be caught in the middle, along with Saudi Arabia and all the rest.

There is no substitute for successful preemption. Bush and Cheney tried to point out those harsh realities, but they were shut out by our fantasy-driven media. The Left chose to close its eyes and ears to the plain facts.

Now Obama is in charge.

We’re waiting for the answer. So are the gangster regimes.

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“What worries me the most about Obama is this: the part of him that should want to shield us from harm seems chillingly absent.”


“The economy is tanking — Obama laughs. We are accumulating crippling debt — he and the other Democrats go on a spending spree.

Millions take to the street for a peaceful 9/12 march. He doesn’t notice. We oppose the government controlling our lives, especially health care, but he rams legislation down our throats anyway.

Our allies have started to realize that Obama doesn’t care about them either. He snubs Gordon Brown, returns a statue of Winston Churchill (how disturbing is this?), and insults the Brits with DVDs and iPods. He betrays the Poles and the Czechs, and leaves Israel hanging from a limb.

Obama does have sympathy for the devils, though, the Chavez’s and Castro’s of the world. Maybe he views them as brothers, fellow victims of the monstrous United States. Perhaps Obama is all Vive le Revolucion.

There are endless red flags, aren’t there? The covert government of antisocial Czars; the cozy ties to Bill Ayers, maybe George Soros. And who knows what else, because Obama’s private world has been hermetically sealed.

So is this what am I saying: that President Bare Heart is at the helm, with a bunch of loose cannons possibly running the show? That he’s giving a wink-wink to miscreants both here and abroad?

That the New Weird Order is starting to unhinge the already unbalanced, and bring new, vulnerable people, into its fold?

That Obamaphobia is real, and we ignore it at our peril?


But don’t listen to me. Don’t listen to anyone: not the mental midgets who call you “racist;” not your brother in law who says you’re nuts; not the Talking Heads who paint you as stupid trash.

Pay attention to no one, to nothing, except the light of truth revealing itself to you.

“Truth crushed to the earth will rise again:” William Cullen Bryant”