Are you not contacting your Senators about the Immigration Bill fiasco?


“Secret Reid Plan for Immigration Bill”

“PJM Washington Editor Richard Miniter has an exclusive report on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s use of an “unprecedented combination of legislative procedures” to push through the controversial Kennedy Immigration Bill….

If 60 U.S. Senators vote for cloture on Tuesday, June 26th and then again on Thursday, June 28th, then the Kennedy 388 page immigration bill will be passed by the United States Senate without the benefit of a single minute of committee hearings, committee action as to amendments in committee and without the benefit of 99 Senators being able to propose any changes to the bill. The combination of procedures and maneuvers under the Senate Rules that Majority Leader Harry Reid will use to achieve this goal has never occurred in the history of the United States Senate.”


A Case Study Of Why Moderate Muslims Won’t Counteract the Jihadists’s+first+Muslim+MP+to+stand+down+after+death+threats/

“A Labour MP is stepping down after receiving death threats over his role in bringing three racist killers to justice.

Mohammad Sarwar, who became Britain’s first Muslim MP in 1997, said he feared the lives of his family were also in jeopardy.

He was instrumental in arranging the extradition of Imran Shahid, Zeeshan Shahid and Mohammed Faisal Mushtaq after they fled to Pakistan.

The three were jailed for life last year for the abduction and racially aggravated murder of teenager Kriss Donald, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed in Glasgow in 2004.” 

“Al Qaeda is about to be strangled and pummeled to death in this town”

Some of the most accurate reporting from Iraq comes from Michael Yon who is currently financed only by his readers.

The main media can’t and won’t provide this kind of insight into the progress of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

“Our guys are winning. Al Qaeda is about to be strangled and pummeled to death in this town, but the local Iraqi leadership is severely wanting. This was most obviously noted in one area in particular, where there were some slight indicators of a possible humanitarian need. “Crisis” certainly is not the correct word, but there are displaced persons numbering at least in the hundreds. LTC Fred Johnson actually took me out there. (The access even to “bad” news is amazing with this Brigade.)”

Hypocrisy That Undermines Civilization – Victor Davis Hansen

“There is only a thin veneer that separates civilization from man’s innate barbarity. Some 2,500 years ago the historian Thucydides once warned us about the irony of revolutionaries and insurrectionists destroying this fragile patina of culture, as if they themselves might be exempt from ever wanting it back again.  Yet no sooner, he warned, have such outsiders torn down the system of law than they are in need of it themselves when they assume power and the responsibility of governance. Even the worst terrorist apparently wants his wife and kids to be safe–and able to drink clean water when turning on the faucet. The trick apparently is to blow up the neighborhood’s electric pylon while still finding enough light and power to assemble an IED device.”

Neo-Liberal conservatives (including President Bush) insulted true conservatives (Jeff Sessions, Jim DeMint, Tom Coburn, etc.) who blocked the attempted Senate jam down of the faulty immigration bill

Even pompous conservative elites at the Wall Street Journal!

A discussion of Trent Lott’s impuning the motives of conservatives who are critical of the immigration bill:

“The Inside Story Of How The Senate Immigration Bill Died

A GOP Aide, who’s one of my sources in the Senate, gave me the rundown on what happened to the Senate bill today.

After the 2nd cloture vote failure at noon on Thursday, Harry Reid could not get unanimous consent to call up amendments to the bill because Jim DeMint refused to give his consent. This was extremely problematic for Reid because he wanted to get in votes on 6 more amendments before the last try at a cloture vote.

At that point, all the senators who were participants in the “Grand Compromise” AKA the “Masters of the Universe” by the opponents of the bill, leaned on DeMint to try to get him to give consent for the bill to move forward. Unfortunately for them, DeMint wouldn’t budge. This essentially killed the entire afternoon that the pro-amnesty side hoped to use to shore up support for the bill.

While DeMint was gumming up the works, the opponents of the bill, including most prominently Jim DeMint, Jeff Sessions, and Tom Coburn, huddled and came up with a list of conservative amendments they wanted considered.

The “Grand Compromise” crowd didn’t want a lot of these amendments to be voted on because either some of the amendments would have been accepted and it would have killed the bill or alternately, they would have had to vote against common sense enforcement measures and made themselves look bad.

Eventually, after the process was tied up all afternoon and failed a third cloture vote, Harry Reid yanked the bill even though the opponents of the bill said they were willing to stop gumming up the process as long as all the amendments they wanted were voted on today.

My source told me that he thinks this will kill the bill because the Senate has now voted against cloture 3 times and that means that if they want to bring it back up, they’ll probably have to start from scratch and go through the regular committee process.

PS: I asked my source if his boss has been hearing from his constituents on this bill and what the for and against ratio was. He said that they have received thousands and thousands of calls and the ratio was something like 95%-98% against the bill.

PS #2: I also asked my source why he thought so many Republicans had been supporting such an incredibly unpopular bill. He gave three reasons:

First off, there was what he referred to as the “Rovian School of thought,” which says that passing this bill would capture the Hispanic vote for the GOP for decades to come.

Next up, there’s the “Chamber of Commerce” vote. He says these Republicans were heavily influenced by business groups that want cheap labor no matter what the cost is for the rest of the country.

Then there was the last group, the smallest group in his opinion, who were willing to sign onto a terrible bill just so they could say they were part of a big reform that had bipartisan support.”