Bush’s Legacy is Turning Into a Debacle As He Mocks Those Who Oppose Ted Kennedy’s Illegal Immigration Bill




The American right is a cauldron of debate; the left isn’t.


“The left prides itself on, and frequently boasts of, its superior appreciation of the complexity and depth of moral and political life. But political debate in America today tells a different story.

On a variety of issues that currently divide the nation, those to the left of center seem to be converging, their ranks increasingly untroubled by debate or dissent, except on daily tactics and long-term strategy. Meanwhile, those to the right of center are engaged in an intense intra-party struggle to balance competing principles and goods.”

Hey Athiest, Don’t live by the Ten Commandments. Don’t live by the Golden Rule. Don’t do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That’s our stuff. That’s the Judeo-Christian way.

“The problem I have, however, with the atheists and their goodness and their morality claims is that all your ethical codes of conduct sound strangely similar to the principles inherent to the Judeo-Christian traditions. As a matter of fact, it seems as if you have bellied up to the Bible and are treating it like a buffet . . . passing up on the worship of the person and work of God, while taking second helpings of His moral principles”


The Tragedy and Consequences of Civilization’s Unwillingness to Think and Learn

“One in four younger American Muslims find suicide bombings in defense of Islam “acceptable at least in some circumstances.”

http://article.nationalreview.com/?q=NjA4MzhmNmZjZWIwNmQ2MTJjZTQzOTU3Y2I1YWFmMjI= A huge percentage of the Muslim world lives in ignorance, brainwashing  and deception.

But 30% percent of Americans believe our government could have prevented 9/11.

Few on the Left are willing to learn the truth about Islamofacism, Abortion, Crime, Poverty and Secular Progressivism.

 A huge percentage of Americans assume Darwin was accurate.

A huge percentage of Americans think that human-caused CO2 is a major cause of Global Warming.

“We must all beware the very real and understandable human tendency to ignore or subvert facts, and findings of science, that discomfort us for reasons of ideology, politics, religion, or personal taste.

This willful ignorance is not a simple matter of people just having the wrong facts. Science constantly gets it wrong….

Citrus juice did not become standard fare in the royal navy until 1795—more than four decades after the publication of Lind’s treatise and a year after his death….

When asked to identify the three branches of government, one in five American adults responds with Republican, Democrat and Independent. Thirty- five percent of those polled think the United States Constitution makes English our official language. Nearly a third of Americans polled can’t name the vice president of the United States.”

Being Honest About Ignorance

Tuesday, May 22, 2007