Articles: ‘The Insanity of Blaming Islam’

But individual acts of terror are hardly the main point. Islamic fundamentalist movements and Mullahs across the Ummah readily proclaim their wrath against West and state their determination to destroy Western civilization. The individual acts of terrorism are part of the worldwide jihadist movement. It is their Islamic duty to destroy corrupt, filthy Western civilization which translates into destroying corrupt, filthy Westerners.

As Mr. Ambinder states, the jihadist acts are “ideologically driven.” Correct, Mr. Ambinder. Ideologically driven and the ideology is driven by Islamic doctrine. Can there be a clearer example than ISIS which continues to slaughter and butcher Yazidi men, women, and children even after President Obama declared a successful halt to their self-proclaimed Islamization of captured territory?

No, Mr. Ambinder. The question is not what is it about America that radicalizes Muslims but what is it about Islam that makes it a Petri dish for Islamists. The “insanity” Mr. Ambinder? The insanity is not to blame Islam.

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Speaking Truth to Crap

You haven’t seen people race for cover knowing they have only seven seconds before risking being blown apart. You haven’t met people who’ve had to lock themselves in a so called safe room, while only a few hundred meters away a dozen terrorists, armed with anti tank missiles that could incinerate their home, machine guns, grenades, thousands of rounds of ammunition and hand cuffs, with which to take them prisoner and drag them through terrorist tunnels, into underground cells, are on the prowl, and they, this sweet family in a locked room, know that they are their targets. They will live or die in the next hour, depending upon the skill and bravery of eighteen and nineteen year old boys and girls, who are willing to lay down their lives, not to promulgate any occupation, nor subjugate another people, but to protect their homes and families, and on this particular day, some of those kids will do just that. They will lay down their lives to protect this family and others like them. The terrorists’ secret “Divine Victory Plan” to kill, maim and take hostage, Israeli men women and children will be foiled and there will be new funerals of nineteen year olds who’ve given their lives to save the lives of that family huddled together behind a locked door in their home. And you think you’ve seen Fire and Rain, James?

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Articles: The MSM’s and Left’s Racism on Parade in Ferguson

The MSM’s and Left’s Racism on Parade in Ferguson

By Lloyd Marcus

Talk about deja vu Trayvon Martin spin all over again! I could hardly believe my eyes. During a discussion on CNN about the shooting of Michael Brown by a white police officer, in the background was a photo of Brown in a school graduation cap and gown. Give me a break!

Where was the picture from the surveillance video of the 6’4”, 290 pound thuggish Brown grabbing the store clerk by the throat after stealing cigars? The DOJ has advised news outlets not to broadcast the video of Brown assaulting the store clerk and robbing the store, claiming that it might incite violence. Okay, so allow me to make sure I understand the DOJ’s logic. Rather than exposing the true character of Brown, promoting the lie that a white police officer shot a studious innocent black youth who was simply minding his own business will not spark violence? Absurd.

I tip my hat to black conservative, Kevin Jackson who hung tough during a slightly contentious CNN interview. Kevin refused to allow the CNN host to get away with portraying Brown as a “choir boy.”  Way to go Kevin! By the way, liberals on the Internet have called Kevin a fool.

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Blog: Another Climate Apocalypse Prediction Goes Up In Smoke

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August 19, 2014

Another Climate Apocalypse Prediction Goes Up In Smoke

By Sierra Rayne

Over the past couple months, academic and government scientists in Canada — as well as a provincial premier — have raised the alarm over how climate change is leading to increasing threats from forest fires.

This led me to perform a simple task: examine the Canadian National Forest Database for the numbers of fires each year since the database begins in 1970, and the respective area burned.

The findings do not support the climate alarmism. Since 1970 — the period over which climate scientists tell us the impacts of anthropogenic climate change should be most evident — there has been a statistically significant declining — not increasing — trend in the number of forest fires across Canada (all statistical tests performed with the Mann-Kendall method for time trend analysis). Seven of the 12 provinces and territories have significant declining trends. Only Alberta has a significant increasing trend.


For the area burned by forest fires, the nation as a whole has no significant trend since 1970, while three provinces have declining trends and the rest have no significant trends.

The Northwest Territories, supposedly the poster child for climate change impacts on forest fires, doesn’t have any significant trends in either the number of forest fires or the area burned. In fact, the correlations for both these variables are negative (towards decreasing forest fire numbers and area burned), not positive. Same applies to British Columbia as a purported ground zero for forest fires and climate change. Since 1970, there has been a significant declining trend in the number of forest fires, and the correlation for the annual area burned is negative, not positive.

Overall, there appears to be no evidence that the climate change induced forest fire apocalypse is upon us in Canada, a fact which agrees with the trends in the United States and other analyses of climate data in these two countries.

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America: I Wish She Were “Hot or Cold”

By Trevor Thomas

I live in the northeast Georgia area. I’ve spoken often — to God and man — of how blessed and thankful I am to have been born in the greatest nation the world has ever known. Not only that, but I’ve also been extremely blessed to have grown up in one of the most conservative and one of the most Christ-influenced areas in the United States.

My political district is the Georgia Ninth. According to the Cook Partisan Voting Index, Georgia’s Ninth is currently the third most Republican district in the U.S. Yes, Republican doesn’t always imply conservative (and certainly doesn’t imply Christian), but of course, conservative — especially conservative Christian — almost always equals strongly Republican. Thus, whatever political madness America must endure, I can usually take solace in the fact that my area of the country will be somewhat shielded from the fallout. Thank God and the Founders for the vertical separation of powers!

Of course, such “political madness” is especially prevalent when the realms of politics and faith collide. A recent case in point involves a public high school, Chestatee High School (CHS) in Hall County Georgia, which is about 15 minutes from my home. Along with writing and maintaining a website, I currently teach mathematics at another high school within the same district. Thus I became very curious when my lovely wife approached me the evening of August 12 with the news of the spiritual and potential legal conflict that was brewing at CHS.

Just after we got our four children to bed, Michelle informed me that Hall County School district, due to prayers and references to Scripture involving the football program at CHS, was under threat of a lawsuit by the American Humanist Association. My reply: “Good!”

As lawsuit after lawsuit results in courts across America tossing out the marriage amendments passed (usually overwhelmingly) by dozens of states; as nudists seek to exercise their “right” to be naked; as San Francisco politicians export theirhome-grown perversions (warning: graphic) to other parts of the country; ascorporation after corporation pays homage to the (tiny) homosexual community; as self-identifying “Christians” kill unborn children “in the name of Jesus;” as so-called “evangelical” pastors “come out” in support of homosexuality; more and more Americans, whether they like it or not, are being forced to make difficult moral decisions. In other words, many Americans, who would prefer to remain on the sidelines as we continue to debate the moral issues in America, are being forced to declare with whom they stand.

As Screwtape cautioned Wormwood: just as warfare with bullets and bombs renders one of the best weapons of Satan (“contented worldliness”) useless, the mounting moral conflicts in America are pushing many of us out of a contented and willful ignorance and complacence and into a place that the enemy of all mankind really doesn’t want us to go: a place where we are forced to confront the social, political, and spiritual consequences of our beliefs and behaviors; a place where we also must examine why we believe what we believe — and, determine if what we believe is really the truth.

This is why I say….let’s have it out. As I noted on the Redskins nonsense, let’s debate the morality and the justness of all these matters. Let us each loudly and clearly cast our moral standards before the American people, the courts, and most importantly, the Creator and see where we stand. This is certainly not to imply that, at least when it comes to the American people and the courts, such a confrontation will produce results that you or I will like. However, as Christ warned the Church at Laodicea, let us not be “lukewarm!”

If America is to stem her descent into a spiritual and moral winter, then Christians across the country must do their best to ignite fires of faith in their families, churches, communities, schools, places of work, and so on, and be the light we are called to be. We do not need Christians who see compromise (with Scripture) as the way forward. Neither do we need Christian monasteries or compounds where biblical values and truths are hoarded and hidden from our nation.

What we need are communities full of faithful families led by fathers and mothers who want to work hard, raise children, attend church, and pass on their biblical values to the next generation, and the next, and so on. As Psalm 78 implores the rebellious nation of Israel: fathers teach your children, so that they will in turn teach their children — so it should be with every nation that wants to walk in the truth.

Such communities need to be “cities on a hill,” welcoming all those who want to join, so that the American people can clearly contrast the ways of those who are “lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God” with those who seek to live the “godly life in Christ Jesus.” Thus Americans can clearly choose whether to be part of, asAugustine put it, the “City of God” or the “City of Man.”

And we need more communities to react like the Hall County community did once word of the lawsuit became public knowledge. On Friday, August 15, The Gainesville Times reported that after the Hall County School system received the threat from the atheist group, “at least three prayer events were organized on school (CHS) grounds.” In addition, a Facebook page – to facilitate and encourage the prayer groups — was started that received over 11,000 “likes” in just over a day. Other high schools in Hall County, including my own, Johnson High, joined the prayer movement.

Perhaps most encouraging, as Todd Starnes noted in his piece on the issue, was the response of Hall County School superintendent Will Schofield. “Unfortunately when school systems get letters like this and people start rattling sabers, usually the first reaction by a lot of school districts is, ‘Oh my goodness, we don’t want to be in the news. We don’t want to be sued, so we better stop doing whatever we are doing,’” Schofield said. He added, “I don’t think that will be the first reaction of the Hall County School Board.”

Such should be the reaction, not only on matters concerning public expressions of faith, but on the definition of marriage, on abortion, on sexual perversions, on the breakdown of the family, on postings of the Ten Commandments, and on each and every moral issue that we face. In other words, America is in the midst of a battle for her soul and it’s time that more Christians started acting like it.

Trevor Grant Thomas

At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.

Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt-Free Living in a Debt-Filled World

Great health insurance not allowed by Democrats

You have often heard conservatives talk about how ObamaCare has made health insurance in this country worse, and that’s true. But did you know that in the case of many people, that was the idea?

It will not take effect until 2018, but one of the least reported-on aspects of ObamaCare is the so-called Cadillac Tax, which penalizes employers who provide their employees with health insurance that is too good. And even though the implantation of the tax is more than three years away, it’s already having an effect – and if you’re one of those whose insurance is being impacted, you won’t like it one bit.

Knowing that the Cadillac Tax is on the horizon, large employers are already shifting their employees to what they call consumer-directed health care plans. These do not provide anywhere near the generous benefits employees have been used to, and that was exactly what Democrats had in mind when they drafted ObamaCare and decided to include the Cadillac Tax.

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Denis MacEoin calls the western pro-Hamas supporters the new Romantics. They chanted by the thousands in London recently in support of this terrorist organization, in support of the “myth of Islam as the path to peace.” Thousands of deranged individuals harboring anti-Semitic hatred were demonstrating against Israel and chanting, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the Gas.” What history have they studied in school?

  • When and by whom was Palestine founded as a country?
  • What were its borders, capital, official language, and major cities?
  • What were its economy, major industries, and GDP?
  • What was its form of government and leaders prior to Arafat and his PLO?
  • What was the name of its currency and exchange rate against other currencies?
  • With whom did it engage in international trade?
  • What were its famous places, museums, universities, operas?
  • Who were its famous scholars and inventors, painters, sculptors, musicians, architects, engineers?
  • Since Palestine no longer exists, presumably because of the Jews, what caused its demise and when exactly did it occur?

While the western world is donating billions each year to help build a prosperous society on the Gaza strip, develop an economy, and elevate citizens from poverty, Hamas has been busy over the last four years building very expensive and intricate tunnels, an underground city in which bizarre weddings take place side by side with military operations aimed at ultimately destroying Israel and wiping it off the face of the earth.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) found 30 such tunnels. Their construction was estimated at $3 million each. Hamas could have invested in the people of Gaza. For each tunnel, it could have built 86 homes, 7 mosques, 6 schools, and 19 medical clinics. Instead it invested in terrorism.

Greens are the Enemies of Energy

The EPA is the government’s ultimate enemy of energy, though the Department of the Interior and other elements of the government participate in limiting access to our vast energy reserves and energy use nationwide. By government edict, the incandescent light bulb has been banned. How insane is that?

The Earth has been cooling for seventeen years at this point, but the Greens call this a “pause.” That pause is going to last for many more years and could even become a new ice age.

A study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) on the impact of the proposed new EPA regulation of emissions found that, as CNSNews reported, it “could be the costliest federal rule by reducing the Gross National Product by $270 billion a per year and $3.4 trillion from 2017 to 2040” adding $2.2 trillion in compliance costs for the same period. Jay Timmons, CEO and president of NAM, said, “This regulation has the capacity to stop the manufacturing comeback in its tracks.”

As Thomas Pyle, the president of the Institute for Energy Research (IER), said in June, “President Obama is delivering on his promise to send electricity prices skyrocketing.” Noting a proposed EPA regulation that would shut more plants, he said “With this new rule, Americans can expect to pay $200 more each year for their electricity.” Having failed to turn around the nation’s economy halfway into his second term, Obama is adding to the economic burdens of all Americans.

America could literally become energy independent given its vast reserves of energy sources

America could literally become energy independent given its vast reserves of energy sources. In the case of coal, the federal government owns 957 billion short tons of coal in the lower 48 States, of which about 550 billion short tons—about 57 percent—are available in the Powder River Basin. It is estimated to be worth $22.5 trillion to the U.S. economy, but as the IER notes, it “remains unrealized due to government barriers on coal production.” It would last 250 years, greater than Russia and China. When you add in Alaska, the U.S. has enough coal to last 9,000 years at today’s consumption rates!

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10 American Foods That Are Banned in Other Countries

#1: Farm-Raised Salmon

#2: Genetically Engineered Papaya

#3: Ractopamine-Tainted Meat

#4: Flame Retardant Drinks

#5: Processed Foods Containing Artificial Food Colors and Dyes

#6: Arsenic-Laced Chicken

#7: Bread with Potassium Bromate

#8: Olestra/Olean

#9: Preservatives BHA and BHT

#10: Milk and Dairy Products Laced with rBGH

“The glory of God is at home in you.” From my favorite book “Transformed into Fire: Living In Our True Identity as God’s Beloved” by Judith Hougen

Wow…if you don’t get this you don’t get jack….

Page 107, 108
“If the disciple John were to be  asked, “What is your primary identity, your most coherent sense of yourself?” He would not reply, “I am a disciple, an apostle, an evangelist,” but “I am the one Jesus loves”.

When, like John, you have experienced Jesus’ love through real and intimate connection, you become anchored more and more in complete identification with the love of God.

And how deep does such identification go?  What follows may be the most important sentence in this book:

The love of God is who you are, the compassion of Christ is the only solid identity you will ever apprehend.  All thought of identity apart from this single, magnificent truth are shadow and illusion.  The love that God unwaveringly holds for you, received without your immortal soul, is your real identity, your true self.  The love of God is everything, and you are nothing apart from this one love.  Immersed in your compassionate God, you live and move and have your being.  Because the love of God is who you are, the most accurate way to think about your true self, the one phrase that can resonate deep within your being, is “I am the beloved of Christ.”  Can you open yourself to this wondrous truth?  You are the beloved.

The glory of God is at home in you.

In his book, Life of the Beloved, Henri Nouwen boils down the spiritual life to that one concept: becoming the beloved.  We must all stop racing around trying to build self-definition founded in clay and rust.  The love God gratuitously gives is your identity:  “You are the beloved.”  And you must dare to believe this is who you are.  You must contradict the numerous voices that would align your personhood with wounds and performance.  Your response to God’s love is so crucial because the spiritual life begins with identity, and the ultimate significance of your life–all action, each thought, every prayer-is formed and informed by the foundation of identity.

Nouwen:  “Becoming the Beloved means letting the truth of our belovedness become enfleshed in everything we think, say or do.  It entails a long and painful process of appropriation or, better, incarnation. As long as “being the beloved” is little more than a beautiful thought or a lofty idea that hangs above my life to keep me from becoming depressed, nothing really changes. What is required is to become the beloved in the commonplaces of my daily existence and, bit by bit, to close the gap that exists between what I know myself to be and the countless specific realities of everyday life.  Becoming the beloved is pulling the truth revealed to me from above down into the ordinariness of what I am, in fact, thinking of, talking about and doing from hour to hour.”

To the extent that your head and heart both receive your belovedness, you find your true self and begin a life of fiery transformation.”