Blog: With Friends Like Democrats, Black Americans Don’t Need Any Enemies

Union president, Lee Saunders, of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees sent a letter to the United Negro College Fund President Michael Lomax announcing that the union was severing ties with UNCF because he accepted a donation of $25 million dollars from Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation and spoke at a Koch-funded summit.

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The Case That Could Doom ObamaCare Moves One Step Closer to the Supreme Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia made a crucial ruling today that should make ObamaCare supporters nervous. After hearing the case Halbig v. Burwell (formerly Halbig v. Sebelius), a three-judge panel ruled 2-1 that the federal government cannot legally distribute insurance premium subsidies or enforce the individual or employer mandates in states which have not created their own health insurance exchange.

An Egyptian newspaper today, not an Israeli one, accused Hamas leaders of being liars, who live pampered lives, staying in five star hotels and driving expensive luxury cars while they sacrifice their own peoples’ lives And what did the Hamas spokesman say today? “ We will fight to the last drop of the blood of Gaza.” Of course he meant to say “To the last drop of the blood of others.”

Blog: To the last drop of the blood of others.

To the last drop of the blood of others

The International Red Cross asked for a cease-fire in the Gaza conflict so the dead and wounded could be tended to, bodies removed, injured taken to hospital.

Israel said yes to the cease-fire, and Hamas immediately violated it.

Israel had hit the Saja’iyah neighborhood of Gaza and hit it hard. Scores dead. Women and children amongst them. Survivors, justifiably crying out, “What did we do to deserve this?!” And the horrible answer is:

Nothing. You did nothing to deserve it. Hamas used you as human shields. It fired a hundred and sixty rockets from your neighborhood at Israel’s heartland. It riddled your neighborhood with tunnels, some of them, by all reports, terrorist tunnels, leading under Israel’s border, built to murder and kidnap Israeli civilians; people just like you who only want to live in peace. You did nothing to deserve this. You’ve been betrayed and used by your own leaders in the most cynical way imaginable. And you didn’t even ask for these leaders. They seized power in a bloody coup by lining up your fellow Palestinians against walls and machine gunning them to death, by blindfolding and binding and pushing them off three story buildings..= If you dare to dissent they begin the interrogation by shooting your knee caps off. You didn’t deserve this. And neither did we.”

This is a war. It is not a war of Israel’s choosing. In the days leading up to the aerial campaign which Israel initiated in response to constant and escalating rocket attacks from Gaza on its civilian centers of population, Israel has said repeatedly that it did not want an escalation let alone a war, and that “calm would be answered with calm.”  In other words, “don’t shoot at us and we won’t shoot at you.” That seems like a pretty straightforward enough request, and an easy one to implement if one’s interest is in saving lives instead of taking them.

Hamas’s answer was more rockets.

And still Israel’s answer was “calm will be met with calm”.

But there wasn’t any calm. Instead there were more rockets, and more rockets still.

And so Israel answered with aerial attacks…on deserted training camps!

Let me say that one again. The government of Israel responded to Hamas rocket attacks, that had millions of Israelis racing for bomb shelters, with aerial strikes on empty tents!

That was not because of faulty intelligence or near sighted pilots. It was to demonstrate to Hamas what Israel could do unless Hamas ceased its rocket attacks.

Hamas’s response? More rocket attacks, in greater numbers and over wider areas, until it was no longer just the southern border towns under attack but Israel’s equivalent of New York City and L.A. rolled into one. The rockets began falling in the greater Tel Aviv area.

Unlike past campaigns, in the face of similar provocations in 2009 and 2012, Israel did not immediately respond with a massive aerial attack on Gaza. There was no shock and awe. Instead there was a very, very slowly ratcheted up, less than proportional, response, in the hopes that by offering Hamas a way out of the escalating situation, it would take it.

It didn’t.

Israel responded now with aerial strikes that were far less than all out war.

Egypt proposed a cease-fire.

The Arab League endorsed it.

Israel accepted it

Hamas gave their answer in the form of a new massive rocket assault and by sending in thirteen terrorists via an underground tunnel that went beneath the border with Israel and came up within a few hundred meters of an Israeli civilian farming community.

This was to be their shock and awe; to kill, maim and kidnap dozens of Israeli civilians.

Finally with no other recourse Israel launched a ground campaign.

Now we are at war.

And Hamas, like the boy who murders his parents and then throws himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he is an orphan, is crying foul.

Hamas had long since turned the Saja’iyah neighborhood into a fortified center of terrorist attacks, armament workshops, and now we know, terrorist tunnels.

Prior to its attack, for days running, and referenced fully in earlier articles I have written, the IDF warned the residents of this neighborhood of its intent to attack and urged them, for the safety of themselves and their families, to evacuate. It dropped leaflets to that effect. It followed up the leaflets with SMS and text messages, by actually calling the residents’ cell phones and through Arabic media, up until the very last moment urging people to flee for their lives

And Hamas’s response to those warnings? In the street and from the mosques, through every means of mass communication at their disposal, they told their people not to evacuate, to stay put.

Hamas has committed one of the vilest of all war crimes against its own people. It has used them as unwilling human shields.

So here was Israel’s choice. Attack a neighborhood used for attacking its own civilians, or permit its own civilians to be attacked.

An army, any army’s, first responsibility is to protect its own people. Israel has fulfilled, albeit reluctantly, that first commandment.

Hamas has done the opposite. They have sacrificed their own people on the alter of their own lust for political power.

An Egyptian newspaper today, not an Israeli one, accused Hamas leaders of being liars, who live pampered lives, staying in five star hotels and driving expensive luxury cars while they sacrifice their own peoples’ lives

And what did the Hamas spokesman say today? “ We will fight to the last drop of the blood of Gaza.”

Of course he meant to say “To the last drop of the blood of others.”

How Many Americans are Homosexual? New Gov’t Study Reveals Number

The government study found that only 1.6% self-identify as homosexual (gay or lesbian), while 0.7% of those surveyed consider themselves “bisexual, and 1.1% of adults identified as “something else.”

According to the study, 96.6% of American adults considered themselves “straight.”

The study also found that a much higher percentage of homosexuals and bisexuals are cigarette smokers and drinkers of alcohol, with 27.2% who identified as “gay or lesbian” and 29.5% who identified as “bisexual” were current cigarette smokers, compared to only 19.6% of “straight” people.

When the survey asked about alcohol consumption, 35.1% of homosexuals and 41.5% of bisexuals reported having five or more drinks in one day at least once in the past year, compared to 26% of those who identify as “straight.”

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University of North Carolina–Wilmington Institutionalized Unlawful Political Correctness Dealt a Severe Blow

A beautiful example of political correctness ACTUALLY UNLAWFULLY IMPOSEDin nearly every college and public school, throughout government, in most judicial districts, at nearly every media outlet, and in most of the popular culture. Progressivism’s policies VIOLATE THE LAW!  We must use the law and the Constitution to restore the law and the Constitution.  

The movie “AMERICA” points out that the American left embraces a conquest ethic all its own. “The shaming of America is not accidental, it’s part of a strategy,” he warns. It is a strategy formulated by the likes of radical leftist Saul Alinsky who was “the godfather in the art of using shame for political shakedown.” The cultural revolution of the ‘60s provided Alinsky with his army of shakedown artists who have since infiltrated media, academia and, most importantly, government. Ever-expanding government has given us a nation where agencies like the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ and the NSA “are all collecting information and storing it on every American,” D’Souza warns. He explains that Barack Obama didn’t create this liberty-stifling reality. Rather, it created him.

Dinesh D’Souza Tells the True Story of America


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Dinesh D'Souza Tells the True Story of America

Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, “America, Imagine a World Without Her,” which earned a rare A+ rating from CinemaScore, is apparently such a threat to progressive ideology that Costco initially ordered the book on which the movie is based removed from its shelves. One can understand why: the film is a devastating takedown of those who see America as the primary source of evil in the world.

The picture opens with a what-if scenario that includes the assassination of George Washington by a British sniper, and the subsequent disintegration of Mount Rushmore, the Lincoln Memorial, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty, as D’Souza asks, “What would the world look like if America did not exist?”

The question is used as a vehicle to set up—and subsequently knock down—the left’s grievance agenda and its victims. Those grievances include theft of land, labor and the American Dream, as well as genocide, segregation and racism. The victims include Native Americans, black Americans, Hispanics and ultimately all Americans. “These indictments developed separately, and each has been around for a long time,” D’Souza explains. “But now they’ve come together in a single narrative of American shame.”

The main driver of that narrative is historian Howard Zinn, whose polemic, “A People’s History of the United States,” has been required reading in thousands of American public schools and universities for years. “When I hear young people on the campus repeat the narrative of American shame, I know they haven’t been told the whole story,” D’Souza notes.

He proceeds to fill in the gaps, explaining most of the world’s history is driven by the “conquest ethic,” where those who are conquered have their land taken and are invariably made slaves in the process. For example, while the left singles out the settlers of the New World for “stealing” Native American territory, D’Souza reveals the same land transfers occurred in precisely the same manner among tribes who successively conquered one another. The charge of genocide is debunked when D’Souza explains that far more Indians died from disease than slaughter, and the same lack of natural defenses that made Native Americans vulnerable to European-borne maladies are the ones that made Europeans susceptible to the Asian-borne diseases that devastated Europe. Tellingly, no one refers to the European tragedy as genocide.

Singling out America for the sins of the word is a fool’s errand

More historical gaps are filled in with regard to the history of the Mexican War and American slavery. All of Mexico was conquered during a rebellion against the oppression of dictator Santa Ana, but half was returned, and Mexican war debt was retired in the process. And while D’Souza freely admits the legacy of slavery was theft of life and labor, he reminds us that 300,000 Union soldiers gave their lives to free the slaves. “What’s uniquely Western is the abolition of slavery,” D’Souza states. “And what’s uniquely American is the fighting of a great war to end it.”

Once again D’Souza emphasizes that singling out America for the sins of the word is a fool’s errand because slavery existed in every culture in the world from the Egyptians to the Chinese to the African to the American Indians (long before Columbus) and, as we are reminded, slavery exists even today.

D’Souza also fills in some important historical gaps with facts that would likely surprise many Americans. These include the existence of free black plantation masters who owned more than ten thousand slaves of their own, and the story of black American Sarah Breedlove, aka Madam C. J. Walker, who became the nation’s first female self-made millionaire marketing a line of beauty and hair products for black women.

Debunking the leftist accusations of American imperialism

D’Souza employs the same technique in debunking the leftist accusations of American imperialism, and the “theft” of the American Dream that capitalism ostensibly represents. From WWII to the most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, D’Souza reminds Americans that not only have we stolen nothing from these countries, but expended considerable blood and treasure re-building them. And the free-market capitalism that has showered this nation with unprecedented wealth succeeds “not through coercion or conquest, but through the consent of the consumer.” “The wealth of America isn’t stolen, it’s created,” D’Souza asserts. “The ethic of conquest is universal. What’s uniquely American is the alternative, equal rights, self-determination, and wealth creation. If America did not exist, the conquest ethic would dominate the world.”

The shaming of America is not accidental, it’s part of a strategy

The movie points out that the American left embraces a conquest ethic all its own. “The shaming of America is not accidental, it’s part of a strategy,” he warns. It is a strategy formulated by the likes of radical leftist Saul Alinsky who was “the godfather in the art of using shame for political shakedown.” The cultural revolution of the ‘60s provided Alinsky with his army of shakedown artists who have since infiltrated media, academia and, most importantly, government. Ever-expanding government has given us a nation where agencies like the IRS, the EPA, the DOJ and the NSA “are all collecting information and storing it on every American,” D’Souza warns. He explains that Barack Obama didn’t create this liberty-stifling reality. Rather, it created him.

In the closing of the film, he lays out where the nation has been, and where it must go. “The Revolution was a struggle for the creation of America. The Civil War was a struggle for the preservation of America. World War II was a struggle for the protection of America. Our struggle is for the restoration of America.” And while he would like to see the emergence of a leader as forceful and inspiring as Washington, Lincoln, or Reagan, he makes it clear that the ultimate restoration of America must be engendered by the people themselves.

It is important to note that D’Souza freely owns up to the many of the nation’s historical shortcomings. Yet unlike the American left, he offers some much-needed—and factual—context to the narrative. Because leftists like Zin and others are more than willing to leave out so many uplifting American stories in an effort to realize their agenda of national transformation, D’Souza insists we have a moral obligation to reinstate them and prevent it from happening.

He also offers fair warning to the historical revisionists. “We won’t let them shame us. We won’t let them intimidate us. We are going to start telling the true story of America,” he declares.

D’Souza has definitely hit a leftist nerve. Their reviews of his picture ooze with condescension and disdain for his point of view, with Media Matters referring to it as “racially charged agitprop.” Yet the bet here is a lot of Americans would like to see a movie that contains stories about the goodness and greatness of our nation, even as it illuminates the cast of characters and the shame-inducing agenda that forms the heart of their efforts to denigrate American exceptionalism. Costco, whose co-founders Jim Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman are big Obama supporters, reinstated D’Souza’s book following an outpouring of protests. It is most definitely in Americans’ best interests to see what they wished to suppress.

And the mendacious officers of the IRS and the government lawyers covering up for Lois Lerner and her bosses are about to learn that Courts can act more quickly than Congress to punish those who misrepresent the facts to them.

Two federal judges in the District of Columbia are holding the government to account. In one case Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has given the IRS one month to submit in writing how it lost Lerner’s emails. Normally, the word of government attorneys, considered officers of the court and held to a high ethical standard, is sufficient, but the judge has said this declaration must be under oath and signed by the appropriate official. Shows you how much weight he’s willing to put on the government’s word.

Progressives Bully-Tactics Against Traditional Values

Blog: America, the bullied.

Perhaps it is because as a child, I witnessed Zaggy torturing chubby Butterball every morning at the school bus stop. Consequently, I have an extremely low tolerance for Leftists bullying Americans into submission and getting away with it.

Fear caused Butterball to endure daily humiliating facial slaps, punches and extortion of his lunch money. Frustrated for Butterball, I asked, “Why don’t you hit Zaggy back?” Butterball replied, “He will beat me up.” My retort, “He is beating you up every day!”

One morning to the delight of us kids, Butterball, while crying his eyes out, went wild on Zaggy. Nothing seriously violent, but Zaggy was the one crying and afraid.

My fellow Americans, we are being bullied like never before by Leftists who include Obama and the MSM. We are being forced not only to tolerate, but embrace their liberal far-left radical socialist/progressive agenda. Their agenda is particularly hostile towards Christians, the unborn, American traditions and exceptional-ism. Noncompliance or opposing points of view are not tolerated; either total submission or suffer total destruction.

For example.

Christian twins, Jason and David Benham had their Home & Garden Television (HGTV) show, “Flip it Forward” canceled when the Left learned that the brother’s faith based views were not in step with the Left’s mandated thinking. Even though the twins proclaimed their love for all people and vowed never to discriminate, it still was not good enough for the Left. Every American is required to agree or suffer the consequences.

David Benham’s heartfelt statement:

“We love all people. I love homosexuals. I love Islam, Muslims, and my brother and I would never discriminate. Never have we – never would we.”

Despite HGTV canceling the TV show and withdrawing its financial support, the Benham brothers are still moving forward, renovating the homes for the families who would have been featured on their TV show.

Like many Americans, my black brother is a low-info voter. He is not politically engaged and gets his news from the MSM. Consequently, he was not up to speed on the Hobby Lobby case. He was shocked to learn that the case was really about the Obama Administration attempting to bully the company into betraying its Christian faith. He was stunned learning that Hobby Lobby provides 16 of the 20 contraceptives mandated in Obamacare, only refusing to fund the four that kill babies. He replied, “Wow!”

I explained to my brother how the Left is scamming the public. The Left has launched a campaign to disguise its attack on religious freedom; claiming that Christians who refuse to be bullied into betraying their faith are engaged in a war on women.

In the Left’s relentless efforts to “bully” a 175 year old order of Catholic nuns into betraying their faith, the National Organization for Women (NOW) which is an extreme Leftist group, placed the Little Sisters of the Poor on its Dirty 100 list.

It is chillingly evil to call sweet humble elderly nuns who provide loving care for seniors in the late stages of life, “dirty.” Nothing could better illustrate the sick and depraved mindset of this vile organization.  Like hardened mercenaries, Leftist operatives take no prisoners. Furthering their agenda trumps common sense, compassion and decency.

Even blacks, whom the Left claims to champion, end up on the Left’s excrement list when they get too uppity. A Leftist major union bullied the United Negro College Fund, scolding and placing it on a blacklist for accepting a $25 million donation from the conservative leaning Koch brothers. Now get this folks, 18 million will provide scholarships for 3,000 black youths.

Is this the behavior of true advocates for black empowerment or plantation overlords committed to keeping blacks under their thumb of dependency?

Master connivers, deceivers and manipulators, the Left portray themselves as victims of intolerance while they bully us into submission under the radar; emboldened under Obama.

Leftist “thought police” enforcement has not yet progressed to physical detainment. However, anyone deemed pro-life, too conservative, politically incorrect and too Christian risk losing everything*; job, career or property.

We are living in a very scary time in America.

So how do we defeat Leftist bullies? Like battered chubby kid Butterball, we decide enough is enough. We go politically wild on them, sending them packing, crying and afraid.

Lloyd Marcus, Unhyphenated American

Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee


Unleashed Upon America: Obama Unchained!

“Obama Unchained”, the movie, is directed by Unknown Socialists/Progressives.

Obama’s supporting cast includes Eric (cited in criminal and civil contempt of Congress) Holder as the corrupt partisan head of the DOJ.  Lois (Wicked Witch of America) Lerner as the corrupt, vindictive and evil IRS enforcer.  Kathleen (Yes, you will fund abortions against your faith) Sebelius as the totally incompetent head of the botched Obamacare roll-out.  Jay (please don’t make me go out there and lie again with a straight face) Carney as Obama’s Press Secretary.

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D’Souza’s ‘America’ Uncovers a Generation of Liberal Lies

Souza has an advantage over almost any filmmaker in America today and he could not be a more perfect choice to make this film because he is an Indian born immigrant whose love for this country was not biased by an education in U.S. schools where the curriculum has been carefully and unremittingly skewed to the left for an entire generation.

The film deals with generational lies that have slowly crept into the national dialogue, educational system and the political rhetoric of the left. The shear persistence of these lies and the willingness to lay these prevarications before an unsuspecting generation of our youth as ‘true history’ has fostered a kind of ‘new truth’ that after all is nothing but syncopated, syndicated, deliberate and dangerous lies meant to lead America into a day of self-loathing and inordinate guilt.

But is the film fair?

In fact, the opening elements of the film are all about the history and the narrative of the modern view of our past. So much time was given to these views that I began to wonder if D’Souza was leaning liberal. Yet, he gave each element full time and explained each view without bias or coloration. Some of the subjects outlaid are:

  • The question of whether America actually had Christian foundations
  • The Horrors of the Slave trade in America
  • The mishandling of Native Americans
  • The great land grab from Mexico
  • Theft of other nation’s wealth and colonialism
  • The ‘unjust’ waging of war in Vietnam
  • The creeping effect of socialism and its origins

When these subjects have been fairly presented D’Souza offers what renowned commentator Paul Harvey coined as—“the rest of the story.”

Using an an array of facts, historical honesty and bare knuckles attacks on liberally biased accounting of events, Dinesh goes round after round to win the match between a generationally long swindle of the American narrative and the simple truth that America has much more to be proud of than she has to be ashamed of; in fact, it is the false narrative of history, now taught to every school kid that is – the real shame.

As an example, the view that all Native Americans were abused, displaced and subject to genocide is countered with the truth about the warring and constant displacement of tribes done by the Native Americans themselves.

The picture painted by today’s historians, of a perfectly balanced nation of natives, all happily just living off the land, and never taking more than they needed, and living in perfect harmony with nature and each other, is seen as a naïve. Tribes were always warring and cruelty, slavery and genocide was commonly practiced by many tribes—long before Europeans arrived.

In the mid-eighties, I was able to spend some time in the beautiful state of Oregon where I found a Kalapuya Indian mound about fifty miles south of the Columbia River. The mound is a raised area where the natives camped.

Musing through thousands of broken arrow heads and other artifacts I came across a large “L” shaped rock that was covered with some sort of inscription. It could be held in hand and looked like it may have been a tool of some kind. After inquiring at the home of a local collector and historian of the tribe I discovered that the ominous looking rock was a “slave killer.” It was used to kill any slave won through raids and conquests and who dared to attempt an escape.

Slavery was practiced by many tribes in this country not just the Kalapuya.

This knowledge is not used here or in any other historical context to besmirch the history of Native Americans, but is only a call to a more honest view of history. This is exactly the kind of thing D’Souza repeatedly accomplished in his film.

Little wonder that while men fancy themselves to be nobler and greater than others, the failings of all men are far more universal than we want to admit and that includes the proclivity towards slavery. It was, no doubt, what caused the inspired writer of the Psalms to proclaim:

“The LORD looketh from heaven; he beholdeth all the sons of men. From the place of his habitation he looketh upon all the inhabitants of the earth. He fashioneth their hearts alike; he considereth all their works.” (Psalm 33: 13—15)

The theatre I attended was almost completely sold out and the few seats remaining were those far too close to the screen for almost anyone. The only disturbing thing about seeing this film gripped me as I went down to the front of the theatre and turned to view the audience. I wanted to see if what age groups were represented, but to my dismay, I saw mostly older people and some middle agers.

I couldn’t help thinking that this is the wrong crowd; D’Souza’s film should be shown to every school aged child from about the sixth grade and up. Both the book and the film should be required reading for anyone in high school and it should be on the book report list of every major undergraduate course in many, if not all, of our colleges and universities.

The best possible action to follow the premiere of this film would be a strong follow up of its distribution to schools, churches and civic organizations and possibly an effort should be mounted to place it in the official curriculum of major schools across the nation.

If it sounds like this writer is biased—I am. But I was biased long before D’Souza ever came to this country by the pursuit of truth. Truth by any definition is the only path to freedom, but by the best definition it is the only way to be free.

Jesus said, ”…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (Jn 8: 32)

At this point in our history the effects of years of liberalism and rising amorality, D’Souza’s film is a welcome relief for a generational long gloomy cloud of lies and the casting of aspersions on the greatest nation the earth has ever seen.

We can be thankful that the film, if used correctly, will be a great source for re-discovering the truth about America and the freedom that comes from recognizing that truth.