U. S. Term Limits Endorses the Convention of States… — PURCELLVILLE, Va. and AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

U. S. Term Limits Endorses the Convention of States Project

75% of Americans support term limits for politicians: Article V will empower those citizens

PURCELLVILLE, Va. and AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today the U.S. Term Limits endorsed the Convention of States (COS) Project, joining with many like-minded organizations dedicated to reining in a bloated, corrupt federal government.

“Career politicians are a big part of the problem,” said Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance and co-founder of the COS Project. “Thankfully, U.S. Term Limits has been stalwart in their advocacy of limiting the power on Capitol Hill. More than seventy-five percent of U.S. citizens agree on term limits, but do you think that politicians will vote to limit themselves? Article V will allow citizens to send career politicians packing by passing a term limit amendment.”

Nick Tomboulides, Director, U.S. Term Limits, agrees that the COS Project will empower citizens.

“Established in 1992, U.S. Term Limits is the nationwide leader in the movement to enact term limits at all levels of government in the United States. After achieving state-imposed term limits on 23 states’ congressional delegations — encompassing nearly half of the U.S. Congress — USTL saw these efforts undone by an activist Supreme Court in the 1995 decision U.S. Term limits v. Thornton,” said Tomboulides. “Today, it advocates for a constitutional amendment limiting U.S. House members to no more than three terms and U.S. Senate members to no more than two.  The Article V Convention process presents a golden opportunity to pass a term limits amendment.  The Convention of States legislation identifies term limits as a core component of any convention, and we fully support COS’s effort to restore citizen government in America.”

The Convention of States Project currently has organized leadership in 43 states around the country, including thousands of volunteers committed to stopping the federal government’s abuse of power. Three Article V applications have already been passed in Alaska, Florida and Georgia. For more information visit http://www.ConventionofStates.com.

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Denver Post Dumps Udall, Endorses Gardner in Colorado Senate Race

After endorsing Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO) in his initial 2008 run, the Denver Post said Friday it had decided to back his Republican challenger, Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) this year.

“Congress is hardly functioning these days. It can’t pass legislation that is controversial and it often can’t even pass legislation on which there is broad agreement,” the Post’s editorial board wrote. “Its reputation is abysmal, and even its members rarely dispute the popular indictment.”

“It needs fresh leadership, energy and ideas,” it continued, “and Cory Gardner can help provide them in the U.S. Senate.

The editorial board particularly singled out the Udall campaign’s focus on women’s issues.

“Rather than run on his record, Udall’s campaign has devoted a shocking amount of energy and money trying to convince voters that Gardner seeks to outlaw birth control despite the congressman’s call for over-the-counter sales of contraceptives,” the Post wrote. “Udall is trying to frighten voters rather than inspire them with a hopeful vision. His obnoxious one-issue campaign is an insult to those he seeks to convince.”

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Understanding Your Home Network and Keeping It Secure


Hi, I’m Dominic Bannister, customer support representative team lead here at OpenDNS. As you know, our service helps users connect with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime. However, there’s more you can do to protect your home networks—for example, securing the very devices you use to connect to the Internet. Some examples of devices on your network environment include modems, routers, and computers.

In this post, we’ll focus on explaining your network environment, and then provide some tips on how to secure it.

Understanding Your Network Environment

Let’s start by finding out more about the devices you use to connect to the Internet. Here’s a quick list of questions that should give us all the information we need:

What is the make, model, and version of the modem or router provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Knowing the make, model, and version of your modem or router will not only help you understand the device’s features and limitations, but will also help you properly secure it! Check the body of the device or read the manual to find this information.

What are the IP address and login credentials for your modem or router?

Most modems and routers will have the default login information and IP address printed on the body. The modem or modem-router combination that your ISP provides is what we call the gateway or edge device. A gateway or edge device is networking device which handles communication from your network to the outside world. Settings on this device will dictate how the rest of your network behaves.

How is your network connected to the Internet?

You should map out your network environment with topology software. Just kidding! It’s not necessary for you to go that far, but a basic understanding of which devices connect to what can be very helpful. A simple map structure of your network can come in handy when locating and troubleshooting a network problem.

To get you started, here’s a basic home network map:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.27.56 PM

Finally, remember to note the various types of devices on your network.

A modem is not exactly the same as a combination modem-router, and each will handle your network traffic in a unique way.

There are many online resources that can help you understand your network devices. To get you started, here’s a video explaining the difference between a hub, a switch, and a router.

Tips to Secure Your Network Environment

Now that you have a better understanding of your home network, here are a few simple steps you can take to minimize unauthorized access. (Of course, by using OpenDNS, you’ve already added an extra layer of security!)

Change the login credentials on your gateway device and router.

As mentioned previously, most modems and routers have default login credentials that make initial configuration easy. After the initial setup, change the username (if possible) and password to prevent unauthorized access to your modem or router. There are many online resources that provide a list of default login credentials for modems and routers, which can be used to easily compromise your network.

Keep your operating system and router updated.

Most vulnerabilities are exploited due to outdated software and/or firmware. Running the latest operating system and router firmware helps protect your network against intrusion.

Have a network use policy for your home.

It is easy to overlook this point, but it is critical to have a set of protocols (pun intended) that everyone should follow. For example, one of our rules at home is “don’t click on suspicious links.” What are suspicious links? See how well you can spot a phishing site with our quiz.

Create separate guest networks for visitors.

Typically, if you have a Wi-Fi network and users connect to the same access point, those users are a part of and have access to your network. Isolating guest users helps prevent access to your local network resources. Many home routers have this feature, but it has to be enabled. Please consult your router’s manual on how to configure separate guest network.

Disable your router’s remote login feature.

Many routers allow you to remotely log in to your home machine and network, but this makes your network vulnerable to attacks. Disabling the remote login feature will prevent others who are not directly connected to your router from accessing it.

Stay up-to-date on technology news about your network devices.

Keeping up with the latest news about online threats that target devices on your network, sometimes region specific, can help you take necessary actions to either prevent your system from being compromised or find solutions for an already affected system. There are many websites, blogs, and forums dedicated to each of the devices you use to get online. If you prefer short updates, you can sign up for news updates or follow like-minded individuals or groups on their social media sites. Lastly, be aware of changes in your network environment. If you notice that your connection speed has slowed down significantly, or if your machine is running slower than usual, these are signs that something is amiss and needs to be checked.

By no means is this a definitive guide on home networking. However, having a grasp of how your network is set up and applying basic security measures will not only help you troubleshoot your home network problems, but they will also minimize malicious users from gaining access to your network. Remember, there’s no place like, so keep it safe!

Maybe it’s All About Integrity

Maybe it’s All About Integrity

By Gene M. Van Son

Boy, have we got problems.

There are radical Islamist extremists out there who want to kill all non-Muslims and establish a worldwide caliphate, and the Ebola virus that just wants to kill any human being it comes in contact with. Putin seems bound and determined to restore the Soviet Union to its former glory, and China is trying to undermine the dollar while slowly building up its military. And it’s a sure bet North Korea and Iran are up to something as well.

Here at home, we have more people on government assistance than ever, more people who have left the workforce than ever before, more children being born out of wedlock than ever, a stagnant economy, a staggering debt, and a border that’s as porous as a sieve. And if this wasn’t enough, the LGBT crowd wants to redefine marriage, atheists and secularists want God out of the public square altogether, and according to some, global warming climate change needs to be dealt with now or we’re all gonna’ die.

We still need to fix our education system (even though Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education way back in 1980 to fix education once and for all, and every president since then has put forward his own plan to fix education as well); and according to the progressives our approach to energy is all wrong (even though Jimmy Carter established the Department of Energy in 1977 to fix all our energy problems).

It’s also pretty clear that our tax code needs reforming (still); our immigration system needs reforming (still or again, depending on your point of view); the EPA is out of control; and the VA is still a mess. Even our criminal justice system needs reforming (Google “restorative justice”). And now that Obamacare has completely screwed up healthcare, it needs more fixing than it did before. Some folks even think we should move away from capitalism in favor of distributism, not to be confused with redistribution, which is what socialists and progressives are pushing. And if all this isn’t depressing enough our police departments are becoming militarized while our military is being downsized.

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The Empire of Progressive Poverty


The Empire of Poverty is rising on the skeleton of the West, it is eating out its abundance and preparing to lock down power, food, transportation, medical services and countless other elements of the commercial life of the formerly free world.

Western resources are not innately centralized, which makes seizing control of them and routing them through a central point more difficult. This has to be done legislatively and has to be justified by a universal benefit or a crisis. One example of this is FDR’s Agricultural Adjustment Act which allowed the government to control wheat grown on a farm for private consumption. Another is nationalizing health care by routing the commercial activity of medicine through government organs. Both services and commodities can be controlled in this manner.

But the larger challenge is that the West is rich and a water empire depends on scarcity. Central control is much less potent if there is plenty of the commodity or service available. It’s only when shortages are created in bread or health care that the system really wields power by rationing a scarce commodity or service.

When the Fulcrum Collapses. The legs of the chair have systematically being sawn through.

We now witness the unfolding of the promised transformation of our country by Barack Hussein Obama.  Having promised action but not direction with platitudinal rhetoric of transformation, hope and change, the final product is now in sight.  The legs of the chair have systematically being sawn through.  The incompetence and negligence of this administration appear to be intentionally dispensed, complete with an animosity towards this nation on the part of those who have allegedly taken an oath to serve the country.

The “fulcrum” of our nation, the point on which our nation balances and turns, is the reliance upon a competent and honest government, limited by constitutional constraints and bound by laws duly and legislatively codified.  It requires an embodiment by those who would vow to uphold those laws, promise competence, and swear to duty.  It is clear that in too many instances, and in too many key positions, we have personnel that do not rise to those requirements.


Of late is the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) curious reaction to the threat of an Ebola pandemic.  This author noted, in a previous American Thinker article, the curious CDC lack of concern regarding the Central American immigrant influx across our borders and the systematic distributing of those people throughout the country.  Under normal circumstances and in line with the duties of the CDC, this would be a headache if not a major issue for an agency charged with the duty of stopping the spread of disease.

The lack of concern reappears. Now we are given completely illogical explanations and inherently misleading accounts of the recent intrusion of Ebola into the United States.  We are told that to isolate a country of Ebola origin is to actually harm ourselves.  The solid epidemiological concepts of “identify, isolate, incubate” are cast aside.  Has ideology trumped good practice and honesty?  It seems it has, and this is not the first instance in this administration.  Dishonesty seems to be the keynote.


Eric Holder has one foot out the door, but the damage is done.  One hopes that he is being chased from office.  And that if this is the case, we will learn why and in high detail.  Contempt of Congress, failure to identify the authority behind Fast and Furious, picking and choosing laws to be enforced thus effectively legislating his own codes, suing states that attempt to enforce unenforced federal laws, and referring to the nation as one of racial cowards when he lionizes race hustlers such as Sharpton is curious behavior for the highest legal authority.  Clearly honesty is a distant concept and ideological biases the driving force behind this DOJ.


Essential to the “fulcrum” is the expectation that those who do wrong will be punished.  Those who manipulated patient lists to secure bonuses from the Veterans Administration should be fired and prosecuted.  Those in the IRS who targeted groups based on their political positions should be punished.  Nidal Hasan should be tried as a terrorist.  Punishment and consequence must be part of responsibility but seem nonexistent in this administration.  Immunity for malfeasance seems in place here. The boilerplate reaction –that if you “take responsibility” and promise to “make certain it never happens again” — is worn out, feeble, and inadequate.  Throwing one’s hands in the air and saying “at this point what does it matter” is prestidigitational theatrics.


Jeh Johnson’s concerns don’t seem to line up with his title, much like Eric Holder.  He is a reluctant public “servant” but a willing acolyte and sycophant to Obama.  He hears the dog whistle from the White House.  Johnson clings to the talking points. Again, just as the CDC head Friedman offered,

“…restricting travel between the U.S. and West Africa would likely “backfire” and put Americans more at risk of contracting Ebola.”   “The only way we’re going to get to zero risk is by stopping the outbreak at the source” …. “Even if we tried to close the border, it wouldn’t work,” the top health official added. “People have a right to return. People transiting through could come in. And it would backfire, because by isolating these countries, it’ll make it harder to help them, it will spread more there and we’d be more likely to be exposed here.”

Empty logic.  Isolating and attempting to eradicate at the source can both be accomplished.  They are not mutually exclusive.

Regarding terrorists reportedly crossing the southern border, Johnson is evasive and vague. When asked in a Congressional hearing about the matter, Johnson said that “no specific cases come to mind.”  Recently, interviewed on Fox News, Johnson would only say that the matter has been “resolved.”

Kenneth Palinkas, the president of the National Citizenship and Immigration Services Council, the union that represents America’s immigration caseworkers, stated,

“the Administration has also blocked our partners in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from enforcing visa overstays. The 9/11 hijackers got into the U.S. on visas and now, 13 years later, we have around 5 million immigrants in the United States who overstayed their visas – many from high-risk regions in the Middle East.”

Open border promotion seems to be the goal for the “public servants” of both the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security.  To suggest we must close the border to protect the inhabitants from a pandemic is to upset the agenda, apparently.  It would serve to suspend the intentional demographic alteration of our population. Honesty and competency must be in place lest the fulcrum collapse.  These men should review their oath of office.

State Department and NSA

Hillary escapes and Susan Rice is the useful idiot.  Gone is the whistle blower who said documents were scrubbed, gone is the question of who issued the stand down order.  Gone are the talking points and the video game.  What remains is the damage from incompetency and dishonesty.  And missing, once again, are the repercussions for the responsibilities connected to past decisions and actions.  The fulcrum collapses.

Those who have been chosen to serve in key positions all meet the criteria of demographics and ideology. Holder, Rice, Johnson, Friedman, and Secret Service’s Pierson. Agenda has trumped common sense. Animus has replaced patriotism.  Who are they that do away with common sense, who place their ideas above the security of the nation, pick and choose the laws, and who by their actions whittle away at the “fulcrum” that holds this nation together?

Constitutional Sheriffs Who are Protecting Liberty – Freedom Outpost

Sheriff Rogers is a GOA Life Member who interposed himself between the Food and Drug Administration and a raw milk dairy farmer.  The feds were on the verge of confiscating the farmer’s equipment which would have bankrupted him.

But Sheriff Rogers communicated with the head attorney at the FDA and told her that if they put one more foot on the farmer’s land, he would arrest them.  She, in turn, threatened to arrest him.  Rogers simply ended the debate by replying: “Game on.”  That was almost three years ago, and the FDA has been MIA ever since.

Then there’s Sheriff Benny House of Otero County, New Mexico, who led a confrontation with the Forest Service several years ago on behalf of some of his citizens.  The locals were hauling dead trees out of National Forest land in violation of Forest Service policy.  The locals not only wanted the firewood provided by the dead trees, but were also lessening the risk of forest fire (dead trees burn much more quickly and serve to make fires more likely to spread).

The Forest Service threatened to arrest the Otero County citizens who were disturbing the “natural condition” of the forest.  But Sheriff House threatened to arrest the Forest Service agents.  That successful standoff allowed the folks in Cloudcroft to save their ski village when a forest fire threatened them two years ago.

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Panetta unloads on White House for pulling US forces out of Iraq | Fox News

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is lashing out at President Obama’s inner circle for failing to secure a 2011 deal to leave U.S. troops in Iraq, effectively accusing the White House of sabotaging the talks – in turn, opening the door for the region to become a haven for the Islamic State.

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